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16.03.2019 Feature Article

Muslims Of New Zealand At The Gun Point

Muslims Of New Zealand At The Gun Point
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We welcomed them wholeheartedly
We treated them hospitably
They unbelievably shot at us
We got killed
They brought our intestines out
We bled for them
They meme us afterwards
We were ridiculed
They shared a we-feeling
We shed tears
They are shooters
We are terrorists
They got exonerated
We lost our loved ones

They preach freely
We hide to propagate
They go everywhere
We are questioned anywhere
They are hypnotized
We are maligned
They look pleasing
We look terrorising
They act as caring
We seem pampering them

They are relenting
We look greedy
They are loved
We are stereotyped
They exhibit their ammunitions
Even our kids can't advertise their inventions
They speak in tongues
We can't spot the bear
They wear suits
We are mocked keeping the trouser above the ankle

They are moored
We are unsecure
They rejoice
We always cry
They are liberated
We are subjugated
They win at all times
Our rights are shackled
They achieved their goals
We loose focus

They go to church and, pray to God
We go to Mosque, but pray to Satan

They have the world behind them
We only have stains of blood on our outfits
The media stays aloof
We clamour not
The politicians play their game
We were beaten
When they shoot at us, it's water that exudes
When we shoot at them, it's blood that oozes

We are at the Gun Point
They're on the minds of the world
Our children can't be schooled
Our women won't be left alone
Our scripture mustn't be read
Our religion can't be followed
Our Prophet's name mustn't be mentioned
And our Allah can't be worshiped
This world! Why?


© Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee
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Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee
Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee, © 2019

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