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Opinion | Feb 16, 2019

The Toils Of Getting A Lady To Fall In Love

The Toils Of Getting A Lady To Fall In Love

Reading his radar from afar,
he thought his gazes had resonated her.
Hoping to have triggered her intuitiveness
What he believes to be a latent affection
Born out of a Profound love
What Paramour couldn't conceive.

Sadly, its germination has stifled
Because he knows not how to get it sprouted
Thus, she isn't tickled
Her condition and his aren't intertwined
Defining the tempestuous times of Laryea
Propagating it isn't yielding
So he has been circumventing
She has also tarried and watching.

He burns his hands while cooking
Laundry expenses are sobbingly accumulating
Washing is hectically tedious
Wringing the dirty jeans alone often strenuous
Now thinking of stinting bachelorship
But Lucretia isn't yearning for any courtship

Looking at the cosy weather lately at night,
His 'Kofi manu' only hits no woman but pillow.
Rotating to different bearing isn't navigable
Workplace is uncomfortable
And home too is voidable

Mustn't Lucretia wipe his tear?
Wouldn't that endear?
Laryea wants to trend goodly with her
Strolling with their baby in the stroller
Atswei would be jealous
She zealously desire women only
She rejoices whenever ladies object Laryea
That's just a fraction of her shenanigans

Being loving is kinda heavy duty for Lucretia
The only brainy woman in the enclave
Unfazed about Laryea's love turmoil
She only focuses on voluminous books.
Can't Laryea take his looks off her?
An ominous perception of a concerned woman
Raising 50k for a flamboyant wedding
That's what he was told to estimate
Only to guesstimate consulting a spiritualist
But he has to bait his 'kofi manu'
Indeed, a hustler's ambition

Lucretia's mood is pretty unconcerned
Neither talks nor walks on the tracks of Laryea
Probably, to grease his quest
So that he could stop requesting
For her smile not to compel him to be positive
That, hopefully, he will negate being oppositive
Ayorkor gossiped that he should let go off her
That, Lucretia loves nobody but only books
Not until she has completed her Mba
Then, Laryea should dream going forward

Laryea's lamentation evokes the culture of old
Our parents tied the knot, penniless
And theirs, school wasn't ordinariness
It is like the society's witches are tireless
No plenty cash, no "trendy" woman
No big vocabulary, no epistolary love affair
Laryea can't afford it, he just can't.
Laryea's heart beats for her only

Lucretia, think and re-strategize
If not, you could become Philophobic
Uncle Annan did his when he was square zero
No flamboyance
No Extravagance
Today is their 30th anniversary
Their children have gone to varsity
Love is the necessity
Education wouldn't be a prerequisite
That is the irregularity of our generation
Don't be swayed away

Just let's trust in God's sustenance
And consciously tie our camel
That has kept unbroken marital home alive
It is the most trustworthy handhold
This is not the opportune time to be slothful
I shall work harder to do the needful
Our affluence would be completely joyful
Surely, and Poverty would be shameful

Thus, I would let go off being erratic and say to the whole world that it pays to be the sacrificial Lamb for the woman you assuredly love and adore.
Trust in Allah.

Poem by Yours Sincerely,
Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee.
All Right Reserved. ©2019

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee
Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee, © 2019

If you want to be successful in life; prioritize Allah and be sparsely rational by leaning on rectitude.

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