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Recruit Money Making Mallams, Fetishes And Prophets Into The Central Bank Of Ghana

Recruit Money Making Mallams, Fetishes And Prophets Into The Central Bank Of Ghana
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The true democratic stability of the nation Ghana began in 1992 after a smooth transition from a military government into a democratic one. We term this constitutional age as the administration of the fourth republic. The laws used in the governance of this state are officially documented in the 1992 Constitution Of The Republic Of Ghana. In this constitution is enshrined rules and regulations which do not only seek to safeguard the interest of citizens but also the survival, progress and virtue of the nation. Article 21(1)(a) gives all persons the right to freedom of speech and expression. Maybe, this is what has permitted me to place the call urging my government to recruit mallams, fetishes and prophets into the Bank of Ghana.

Ghanaians, if not all but maybe a good number of us are struggling to earn money through legal means. The government which we trusted, entrusted and relied on to aid us make legal provisions is seen also borrowing day in day out to finance even the smallest of projects towards national development. A good number of our indigenous banks have collapsed with many yet to collapse. Indigenous companies are folding up and the Bank of Ghana is at risk of losing huge amounts of our legal tender. The ordinary citizen has probably got to survive on a "hand to mouth" basis because there's an appreciable scarcity of our legal tender probably due to money laundering. The above mentioned, which are just a few of the turbulence we are faced with as a nation are in one way or the other the reasons for our suffering. However, there seem to be a solution to our suffering which our government may not be seeing.

Our television and radio media have suddenly been invaded by a group of money making humans calling themselves 'Mallams', 'Fetishes' and 'Prophets'. On daily basis, we see them displaying all kinds of currencies of different nations in huge quantities claiming to have done that through some magical or supernatural powers. It is true that Article 21(1)(c) of our constitution gives all persons the freedom to practise any religion and to manifest such practice. Nevertheless, I doubt if the freedom to "manifest such practice" includes what we see/hear everyday on our televisions/radios without any legal control. It has totally gotten out of hand and I must confess how our governments and security agencies have turned blind and deaf to their activities.

If the government and security agencies agree to the activities of these Mallams, Fetishes and Prophets, then, it would only be wise that they are recruited into the Central Bank of Ghana to help in the production of our currencies. Undoubtedly, their recruitment into the Central Bank of Ghana to help in the production of our currencies would go a long way to reducing the cost in production admitting that their magical or supernatural powers would not demand any marginal cost on the nation. As a matter of fact, considering the number of Mallams, Fetishes and Prophets who pride themselves as 'money making machines', we may not even need to incur any cost at all in the production of our currencies. The government must make conscious efforts to clamp down on activities that are socially and morally misfit including the activities of these Mallams, Fetishes and Prophets. They are a pest to the virtues of this nation, sowing in the youth and other adult population the seed of laziness and enmity to working to earn a dignified living. The earlier national security stopped their activities the better.

Reindolf Amankwa
Nnsoroma Publications
0544728631 / 0204081217
[email protected]

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