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Opinion | Oct 9, 2018

The Colonisation And The Danger Of The Recolonisation Of Afrika By China

Photo Credit: Lekomo Odenwaka Arts
Photo Credit: Lekomo Odenwaka Arts

"Afrika is at the dinner table of another colonisation".

The above statement was once made by great Pan-Afrikanist and patriotic lecturer, professor PLO Lumumba from Kenya; this is not a joke, it's an obvious truth.

The Afrikan continent has not experienced any type of freedom for over 2000 years. Even before the 1880 European arrival on the Afrikan soil Afrika had passed through series of Colonisation.

Before that year 1880, the white imperialists were forcefully taking Afrikans from their homes as slaves to other countries, this was called "the trans-Atlantic slave trade".

They humiliated Afrikans on the way from Afrika to Europe and America; those were very painful journeys for Afrikans at that time.

Afrikans were chained in like animals and got beaten to death at will, and thrown from ships when they got sick or were not deemed physically fit to do hard works in America or Europe. These acts were very horrific to hear or watch.

Finally, by the sweat and blood of Afrikans, the beautiful cities and environments of whole western nations were built up.

When the western nations developed their countries through the Afrikan power, they reached a level of development that gave them the leverage to enter an epoch which is called "the industrial revolution".

Courtesy of the Industrial revolution, their industries increased, therefore their needs for raw materials expanded. Thus, they thought that all the raw material needed by their industries to fuel their productions were not to be found in their cold European continent. Nevertheless they decided that it was time for them to colonize the Afrikan continent so as to exploit Afrika's great resources and wealth.

The "scramble for Afrika" gave birth to the Berlin Conference in 1884 - 1885 in Berlin Germany. They the Europeans sat at their "dinner table" and divided our lands as though they were their own property: the English took their share, the French took there share, the Italians took their share, and the Spanish and Portuguese took their shares and Afrika became a one stop destination for a bunch of hungry colonizers, hence, we Afrikans were divided, brainwashed, and recolonized again in our own soil.

They looted our resources as they wanted, and invented all types of Colonisation in our Afrikan soils whilst we Afrikans were clapping for them. They made us believe they were our role models, and since they colonized us, we believed that they were our masters: we wore what they wore, ate whatever they ate, acted as they act, and all our lives have been dependent on the European styles till this present days.

Then some Afrikan patriotic struggles emerged with the message of Afrikan Unity and independence, thus, the Europeans felt that the direct colony system would no longer work. Then in early 1960 they claimed that Afrika would be free from European colonial system.

Today, the Afrikan continent has experienced the deception of the so-called "independence": it is now obvious to all that it was another tactic which Afrikan leaders at that time failed to understand. They did not understand that the Europeans had brought in another modern tactics of recolonizing Afrikans, where Afrikan citizens were to be convinced they were free people, but truly there was no true freedom for Afrika and her citizens, because each and every country's former colonial masters were ruling it's former Afrikan colonies by using some Afrikan traitors from those countries as President, leaders, and all government officials.

With little or no exceptions, our Afrikan government officials were and still are dependent directly on their former colonial masters, meaning that our continent never experienced any true independence from our former European colonisers, and secondly, we are now experiencing new colonisations from the Arabs and the Chinese.

China is a populous nation that holds the world's largest population and no sufficient lands, no resources for those people. So it's compulsory for China to compete with the Europeans and western colonizers to be part of their colonial business towards the Afrikan continent.

So China is out to colonise Afrika:Her strategy is that the Chinese government should lend billions of dollars to Afrikan nations which they know will be difficult to repay because of corruption, gross mismanagement, and inefficiencies. By defaulting the payments of those loans, the Chinese would then swoop in on the Afrikan nations and take over them.

Afrikans let us begin to ask ourselves this question , "can we repay this money to the Chinese government?". Let us stop taking huge money that we can't afford to pay later that would then let China take over our lands due to our inability to repay the debt.

The final warning is that Afrika is in danger of being recolonized again not only by former European colonisers only but, China and Arabian or Asian types of new colonisers too.

Written by Jebril Domenico,(M.A)

Political Analyst, Horn of Afrika
Director of OAF Somalia

For OAF Publication-
Eze Chimere Nwauzo, CHairman Of OAF.


In conjugation with Dr Ahmed Hasan Saalah, Senior Political Adviser of OAF


Jebril Domenico(M.A)
Jebril Domenico(M.A), © 2018

Jebril Domenico is an Independent Political Analyst, Author and Youth Activist Speaker specializing in African and International politics. He has a specialist interest in the Unification of Africa.

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