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15.10.2005 Tabloid News

Fetish Priestess Humbles Evangelist

By Mirror
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There was drama at Okornya, a suburb of Somanya, last Thursday when a well-known evangelist of the Assemblies of God Church, was charmed by a fetish pristess popularly called Okornya Maku.

For nearly two hours the evangelist was on his knees with the Bible in his hands paying obeisance to the priestess.

Evangelist Bless, very popular around Klo-Agogo, Obawale, Nkuranka, Oterkporlu and many places in the Yilo Krobo District, took it upon himself to win one big battle for God by converting Okornya Maku, to Christianity.

Even though Evangelist Bless made earlier attemps to convert Okornya Maku without success, he was not perturbed and determined to try the fourth time.

On that fateful day, the priestess welcomed the evangelist to her home once again and they engaged in Bible discussions.

An argument ensued between the two over the interpretation of some parts of the Bible and Okornya Maku who used to be a Presbyterian also quoted several scriptures to buttress what she was saying.

She entered her shrine and came out reciting the Apostles' Creed and speaking in a strange language.

She then ordered Evangelist Bless to go down on his knees and he meekly complied behaving like a child and shivering.

For over two hours, Evangelist Bless knelt down and at a point Okornya Maku stepped on his shoulders to signify victory over him.

Okornya Maku later sent for reporters from a private radio station at Somanya, Rite FM, for a live coverage.

And until some of the reporters whisked Evangelist Bless away to the studio for an interview, he was still on his knees with the Bible in his hands.

In an interview with the Rite FM station he said, he had been a seasoned evangelist but what happened to him was a mystery.

He said even though that was the fourth time he went to Okornya Maku's house with the intention of converting her to Christianity, he had never had such an opposing force which made him to succumb.

In answer to a question as to whether he would visit Okornya Maku again or not, he quoted Acts 19:15 which states; β€œAnd the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know and Paul I know; but who are ye?”

All efforts to get Okornya Maku for her comments on the incident proved futile.