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FEATURED: Scientists Can't Prove God Wrong Yet Only A Few Believe In God...

Opinion | Jan 4, 2018

My Reply To Wutomi [London] Comment

Often than not, I don't respond to comments from faceless characters who hide behind the computer to spew trash at me after reading my articles. Oh yes most of them like you faceless Wontumi or whatever you call yourself in London. If you did not just scanned the words but read the whole piece and digested it, I believe you would have been ten percent more sensible by now. Like a typical ignorant MP who went to town ranting because he has been corrected on the proper use of the title HONORABLE and fills like he has been stripped of his title, you Wontumi or whoever has displayed your ignorance as well.

There is no where in the article that I praised the president or expressed hatred against the former president or blamed the president for the wrong thing going on or complained for the president. My point is that what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. We need to learn how to do things in a right way.

And if you care to know, my love for the president or hate against the former president as you seems to paint me won't help move Ghana forward, but expression of my opinion about wrong things going on and suggestions to solve them will.

Hypocrisy, sarcastic and propagandist way of doing things wont move Ghana forward, adoption and implementation of pragmatic policies and programmes will move Ghana forward. Therefore bury your difference and show your true identity for us to join hands together to express our opinions in a free and polite manner for God to bless us all instead of being an "NDC party pawn".

Thank you and God bless you.

Stephen A. Quaye
Stephen A. Quaye, © 2018

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