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02.07.2005 Tabloid News

Cell phone betrays husband

The Spectator

A 43-year old woman who has been monitoring her husband's calls any time he left his camera phone at home, caused a stir last Saturday at Koforidua when she traced her husband's 'girlfriend' to a guesthouse and subjected her to severe beatings.

The victim, Esther Asonoh, a trainee nurse had traveled from Kumasi to Koforidua, the Eastern regional capital to spend the weekend with her boyfriend.

She decided to lodge in a guesthouse and later contacted the 'boyfriend', Andy Donde, a married man on his cell phone to announce her arrival and to invite him over.

Unfortunately, the 'boyfriend' Donde had taken his Primera car to a washing bay at Nsokwao, a suburb of Koforidua to have it washed.

He had forgotten to take his mobile phone along having left it at home that fateful Saturday.

According to Madam Mildred Essam, wife of Donde told The Spectator, a weekly newspaper on the matter following persist ringing of the phone, she went for it but to her surprise, a young lady's face appeared on the screen.

“ This heightened my suspicion since my husband is a Casanova” she said.

According to her she gave the phone to the husbands younger brother to answer and the lady on the other line mistook the voice of Donde's younger brother to be that of her boyfriend and told him that she had arrived from Kumasi and was waiting for him in a guest house (name withheld) and gave the room number.

Madam Essam said that after getting the information she started 'boiling with rage'. She then chattered a taxi and went straight to the guesthouse.

On reaching there, she went straight to her husband lover's room and recognizing her immediately because she had seen her face on the cell phone.

Eyewitnesses at the guesthouse confirmed to The Spectator that Madam Essam gave the lady a sound beating and that but for the timely intervention of some residents, the worst would have happened.

“These young girls are worrying us too much and I am not prepared to share my husband with anybody. She should go and get hers and leave my husband alone otherwise I will continue to beat her anytime we meet” she told The Spectator.

Meanwhile when the victim was contacted in her hideout, threatened to sue to the woman, one of these day's for attacking her without any provocation.

Did she care to know whether her husband was my relative or not” she asked rhetorically.