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7 September 2017 | Politics

Hon. Tina Mensah Declared The Most Effective And Efficient Appointee –TDRI

Jude Ofei Reporter || Hard Point Newspaper
Hon. Tina Mensah Declared The Most Effective  And Efficient Appointee –TDRI

The Teacher Danquah Research Institute (TDRI), A research and a policy think tank has declared Hon. Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah, the Deputy Minister for Health and Member of Parliament for Weija-Gbawe Constituency, as the most effective and efficient appointee under His Excellency Nana Addo Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic.

According to TDRI, Hon. Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah has been very impressive for the past 7 months in the Health Ministry and her constituency which need to be applauded and commended by all well meaning Ghanaians.

The institute stated further that, one area that the Deputy Minister has distinguished herself creditably is her prefect human relation with the public either at the Ministry of Health or in her constituency.

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In a statement filed and signed by the Executive Director of the institute, it stated that a survey on the performance of the government ministers and political appointees under H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Deputy Minister of Health, Hon Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah stood tall out of them.

The statement further claimed that, Hon. Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah was rated high above all government ministers and political appointees surveyed, which puts her in a commanding lead. The survey further stated that, out of the total number of government ministers and political appointees, she is the only appointee whose doors are opened to the public for any assistance for whatsoever at the ministry. She is very accessible by all either on mobile number or in person.

The Executive Director of the institute in the Person of Apreku-Danquah Seth remarked that to achieve results in any human field, human relation is key. He added that, human relation is an important aspect of governance which requires that government ministers and political appointees run a flexible system where the public can go for any support in relation to a particular field.

"Governance should be made open to allow the Public access appointees. This will go a long way to promote good human relation; hence achieve development", the statement emphasised.

At the constituency level, Hon. Tina Naa Ayeley Mensah has achieved a lot as a first timer representing Weija-Gbawe Constituency in Parliament. In just 7 months, the survey revealed that the MP who is also Deputy Minister for Health among other things has supplied 195 quality dual desks to Oblogo M/A 2&3 Basic School to beef up the inadequacy of desks in the school.

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This situation which persisted for a long time under the erstwhile administration of the NDC is now put to rest. She has also supplied 150 LCD street lights to beef up security in some parts of the constituency. This good work has received a lot of commendation from constituents.

She continues to support constituents and party members financially to offset school fees and rents, among other personal things.