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09.06.2017 Feature Article

Prof. Mukiibi's Shocking Allegations Warrant An Inquiry!

Professor Lawrence Mukiibi's death was as bizarre as his life. Diabetes may have contributed (though it certainly doesn't seem to have interfered with his productivity!), but it wasn't the proximate cause.There is much food for discussion and thought here,but with difficulty I will restrain myself to his promiscuity(with his students, some minors) which resulted into over reportedly100 kids (now orphans). Some of my friends have compared him to UK's Jimmy Savile, who after his death, police found that he feasted on a lot of young women sexually.

I don't usually write negatively about the dead who were not in politics, but, I am still human. It is difficult to not judge when I see someone do something that harms another.In no way i'm I going to judge late Mukiibi for sleeping with so many women because most men have fascinations with female bodies,but I don't think it was right for him to take advantage of his students. I'm sure there are many in the "upper echelons" of his schools that knew of this but decided to keep quiet, and that was very unfortunate. I would think that most people would consider it their civic duty to report witnessing an adult molesting a child, but Uganda is a weird country now.

What really interests me in this matter is something that so far, in some 20 related Facebook posts and news reporting,no one has even considered. What do this man's sexual transgressions have done to Uganda's educational system in general, and the girls he slept with? Every human being needs structure or else dysfunction occurs-just read any good book on parent-alienation syndrome. If nothing is done, kids may actually seek out an abusive relationship because no one was willing to say "this is wrong", or to protect them.

Imagine, for a moment, that a certain Mr. Pedophile was appointed a headmaster of one of Uganda's major schools; that, in the course of time, as he consolidates his base of power - with no small help from powerful people in government-- overconfidence allows him to become less than circumspect in his pursuit of illegal sexual fantasies in school.What measures are in place to stop that from happening?

If you ask me right now, I would say none. It looks like there are no measures in place to protect kids in schools against vampire-teachers.Experience shows that most people don't care. I remember when I was in primary school in Bugerere, there was a teacher who slept with one of the pupils, who also happened to be his daughter. When he was summoned, his defence was, 'Namunswa alya kunswaaze', which literally means 'the queen bee eats the little bees to survive'. Basically, the habit of teachers sleeping with students is standard operating procedure in most schools in Uganda.All this boils down to the leaders we have in the country at the moment, who have done almost nothing to change this situation.

Even in the face of such definitive proof and public outcry(a teacher that has been shagging his students), I strongly believe that nothing is going to be done about it. Our Parliament is a sellout and a peddlebum as nobody has raised the Mukiibi issue so far. I have only seen my sister, Hon. Nabilah Naggayi Sempala , that has raised a discussion on it on Facebook. Cabinet ministers (curse 'em) have no spine or cojones; Religious leaders (bless 'em!) have no spine and cojones, as the catholic leaders have already come out in defense of the late's behaviour. Police isn't afraid to go after the peccadillos of Facebookers, such as Dr.Stella Nyanzi, but they have not done anything yet to investigate the behaviour of late Mukiibi.

A similar situation exists almost the whole country. Almost everybody with power is misusing it to take advantage of the powerless, weak and vulnerable: husbands are shagging unwilling housemaids; bosses at work are shagging their unwilling workers; the president is 'shagging' most Ugandans;e.t.c.

Every country bases its laws on some moral code. Ours is the Judeo-Christian-Islamic code. Has been since we invited Arabs and missionaries in the country before independence.The moral decay of our country is more telling than anything else.One needs neither to have morals which after all are common sense, to realise that having sex with a minor is totally unacceptable. The standards expected of an academic are greater.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*
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Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
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