The Cry For Jobs In Ghana

  Akoto- Bamfo Edmund
Opinion The Writer
The Writer

Everyone in Ghana is crying we need jobs, we want jobs. I agree, it’s a genuine cry. Man must have job to enjoy a descent life. But what at all is the cause of this very large unemployment situation in Ghana? The simple answer is that, the people of Ghana and their governments have continuously either knowingly or unknowingly caused this unemployment situation in the country. Let me start from the fundamental rule. People will be employed if they translate their desires to have their needs fulfilled into ability to produce what they need themselves.

If it so happens, people will have jobs to do. But on the contrary in Ghana, almost everything the people need is imported. Every item imported creates employment in the country of origin of that item. We must manufacture some of the items we use here in Ghana and create more jobs for ourselves.

As you are reading this article check yourself, you will notice that everything you will use today, food, mobile phones, wrist watches, wigs, clothes, shoes, medicines etc are all imported. You have created employments for the people who made these items in the countries of their origin.

Sometimes I wonder why simple items like mosquito coils which is made up of about 95% sawdust and starch is imported into this country. Sawdust is a waste product of saw mills and carpentry shops causing nuisance in their localities, so if you import mosquito coils you are basically importing saw dust.

What a shame!!!
The Mosquito coil industry can create more than 10, 000 jobs directly and indirectly in Ghana. The government must ban importation of some of the simple things we use daily so we can produce them here and create more jobs. Nigeria has shown the way already. About 50 items are prohibited from being imported into Nigeria.

The result is more jobs and a better economy.