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29.10.2004 Gossips

Brains Behind Killing of Ya-Na -Prophet Speaks Out

By Lens
Brains Behind Killing of Ya-Na -Prophet Speaks Out
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Yaw Atta Evans of Obuasi Sudantwoa, the 34-year-old farmer who since the year 2000 has been receiving visions on happenings in Ghana says he has been given the go ahead to mention the names of some key individuals in Government whom he claims masterminded the killing of the Ya-Na and his 40 elders and subjects.

Over a month ago, The Lens published an ultimatum given by the seer, Yaw Atta Evans to individuals he claimed masterminded the killing of the Ya Na to come out and confess or be exposed and be visited by the divine wrath of God. After nearly two months of what he calls a period of Grace given them by God, the seer says the time has come to bring the names out.

Much as The Lens has no means of authenticating the claims of the Prophet and can therefore not vouch for the veracity of the information he is putting out, the Paper can at least affirm that if it is the same God who revealed to him, a clear week before the 21st December 2002 flag bearer contest between Prof. Mills and Dr. Botchwey, that Mills will win between 85-89% of the votes (see The Lens of Wed 18th December, 2002), who is speaking through him again today, then the nation must pay close attention to what he has to say.

Yaw Atta Evans says that "God who reveals mysteries" has given him the names of some leading individuals closely connected to the Kufour regime who were instrumental in the events that culminated in the brutal killing of the Ya-Na, Yakubu Andani II on March 27th 2002.

He said it is not by accident that all the telephone lines that connect the country to Yendi were cut during the sordid episode. It is not by accident also that there was power outage in the area at the time. It is also not by mistake that at the time all the barriers throughout the country were removed and it was not a coincidence that the then Minister of Information Jake Obetsebi Lamptey literally rushed to announce on air that the Ya Na had been killed.

Yaw Atta Evans also asked the following questions? Why is it that the Vice President, Aliu Mahama who is like a brother to the Ya-Na has up till now not gone to visit Yendi? How come that the President who says that he is a close friend of the Ya-Na has also not been to Yendi to date and now says he will not go there to campaign, a statement which amounts to a refusal to visit Yendi and share the grief of his close friend's wives and children? Finally, how did the then Minister of Information Mr. Jake Obetsebi Lamptey know about the killing of Ya Na before rushing to announce it on air?

Yaw Atta Evans states that God has revealed to him that fifty (50) armed combatants were brought into Ghana from a neighboring country as part of the operation and it was them who were responsible for the cutting of the telephone lines. They, it was also, who engaged in an armed assault on the Gbewa palace. Atta Evans said they kept demanding that Ya Na should leave the palace or be killed. Ya Na, according to the seer refused to comply stating that he would rather die than vacate the palace. And this is exactly what these hired foreign combatants did to him and his followers.

Yaw Atta Evans, as published in the December 18th 2002 edition of the Lens also accurately had predicted a number of other significant events before they happened. The Lens has spoken to witnesses who as early as February 2001, heard him declare a number of imminent future happenings, notably the stadium disaster, the killing of what he referred to at the time as a prominent traditional ruler, the torrential rain that he said would bring about destructive floods in Accra in July 2001. The first vision that Yaw Atta Evans ever had occurred two weeks before the 2000 elections. In that vision he was shown that the NDC was going to lose the elections to the NPP and he was detailed to convey the message to the top leadership of the NDC, which he dutifully did.

Now Yaw Atta Evans declares that the killing of the Ya Na came as a culmination of desperate attempts made to get him out of the Gbewa palace in order to enable the Abudus to occupy the palace and get another Overlord enskined. That plan, according to Atta Evans, would have fulfilled NPPs promise to the Abudus prior to the 2000 elections had the Ya Na not refused to vacate the palace. The killing of the Ya Na therefore had to be done because he refused to leave the palace after days of intense artillery pounding.

Yaw Atta Evans proclaims that God will require the blood of the murdered overlord of Dagbon from the Kufuor regime, which bears ultimate responsibility for the crime that was committed. He said in addition to the President and his Vice being ultimately responsible for the crime that was committed, questions must also be asked of the then Minister for Interior and MP for Yendi, Alhaji Malik Yakubu who was in charge of the internal security of the country, Mr. Joshua Hamidu who as security Advisor must have abysmally failed to perform his task, Prince Imoro Andani, then Northern Regional Minister for his failure to avert the crime that was committed, and Nana Akuffo Addo who as Attorney General at the time failed in his responsibility of ensuring that Justice was done thoroughly and promptly.

The seer, Atta Evans has disclosed the names to The Lens, and the paper will not too long disclose the names after bringing out some further startling revelations on this issue. Readers should stay tuned. The information coming will simply blow your mind

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