26.05.2015 Opinion

On Bank Of Ghana/DKM Diamond

On Bank Of Ghana/DKM Diamond
LISTEN MAY 26, 2015

Most people especially, our poor farmers, do not really understand what is going on between BoG and DKM. How can the Bank of Ghana issue a warning on the 7th May and on 11th May 2015 closed down all the branches of this microfinance company living most of the general public in fear and panic.

Now majority of this microfinance company customers are small scale farmers, who from their hard earn monies, keep them in the bank. From the advice from this same central bank that if you keep your monies in the banks it is safe and you can get it anytime.

Now the farmers are asking where are their monies,because their farm are been destroy and they can get their monies to buy fertilizers and hire labourers to work on their farms,so by the ninety days all their farms will be destroyed, with all this lost what will we do.

D.k.m came to us with their bank of Ghana licence told us that our monies were safe,now tell us what do we do again.

Banks with licence are making away with we the poor farmers our little, little monies banks without licences are also running away with this our monies.

Tell us something are we safe in our own motherland??

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