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28.04.2014 Nigeria

Ahaneku To Samuelson Iwuoha: Provide Certified Evidence Of Your Mental Fitness

By Emeka Ahaneku
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Following what he described as Samuelson Iwuoha's continued disrespect and unwarranted Media campaign against the dead parents of the speaker , Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu, the Senior Special Assistant (Media) to the Speaker, Mr. Emeka Ahaneku, has challenged Mr. Samuelson Iwuoha, to provide true and certified evidence of his mental status for public scrutiny.

Mr. Ahaneku who was reacting to mr. Iwuoha's latest series of allegations against the dead parents of the Speaker and some of his aides using fictitious organizations and non-existent names, noted that this call became necessary following the recent questionable behavioural tendencies of Mr. Iwuoha.

He wondered why Samuelson Iwuoha, would decide to extend his baseless Campaign of calumny against the dead perents of the Speaker and his aides, stressing that such action questions the mental orientation of Mr. Iwuoha.

He said “It is very appalling and disappointing that this macabre dance of falsehood orchestrated by Mr. Iwuoha has degenerated into alarming proportion. How could a reasonable and right thinking individual live issues and resort to insulting the dead just to score cheap political points and please his pay masters? Samuelson Iwuoha, should please go for proper mental examination and show same to the people of the state, so that we can appraise his true mental status”.

The Speaker's Aide, also expressed worry that Mr. Iwuoha, has continued to dish out lies to the unsuspecting members of the public by using fake organizations and names, even when it was obvious he had no evidence to back his frivolous allegations against the Speaker, as demanded by the relevant stakeholders in the state.

He continued: “How can we take this man serious when it is crystal clear he is dancing to the tunes of detractors out there? This was the man relevant bodies in the state, such as the youths, professional groups and his fellow activist, came together and said, show us clear evidences of your allegations against the Speaker and we will fight with you, but he couldn't show up with anything.”

“The state House of Assembly upon his (Iwuoha) request constituted a committee and invited him on two different occasions to come and show them what he has as evidence; he snubbed them and called the committee a kangaroo one. To show imolites the seriousness of the matter at stake, the House committee promised him maximum security and also pleaded with him to name any location which would be convenient for him. This man once again, called these actions a bluff''.

''it will be recalled that after samuelson Iwuoha's intentions of blackmailing the Speaker for financial and automobile gain was exposed by a recorded conversation which was played in orient f.m news, he wrote a rejoinder denying his own voice but when people who knew him very well insisted that he owns the voice, he quickly retracted his rejoinder and stopped blackmailing the speaker and his aides for a while until a Governorship aspirant gave him some money to continue''.

These show that whenever this man talks for public consumption, his psychological know-how should be properly examined”, he stated.

Mr. Ahaneku, further advised people of the state to be wary of some fictitious names of organizations and individuals which Mr. Iwuoha, has employed as channels for propagating his falsehood. Some of the names include, Nkwerre initiatives, Imo Initiatives, southeast initiatives, Nigeria Initiatives, empire the great, slap initiatives among others.

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