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'Mystery Lake', Miracle Cures And The Looming Epidemic In Enugu State

By Leo Igwe

I urge the government of Enugu State to act immediately and prevent the looming epidemic in Nanchi and the surrounding communities. According to an 8 minute video circulating on the internet, miracle seekers are trooping in their hundreds to this village to bath, swim in the so called mystery lake.

The video reveals disgusting images of people diving, swimming, bathing and fetching dirty, stinking water from this lake in an apparent quest for miracles. Personally I wonder if this is a 'miracle quest' to live or to die.

According to a local reporter, some Fulani herdsmen heard an explosion on the evening of November 11. And on getting to the point where the explosion occurred they saw some water gushing out of the ground. The herdsman said it was some 'miracle water' prophesied in Mecca! They gave some of the water to a blind colleague who reportedly got healed.

Since this incident, the Nanchi mystery lake as it is now called has turned to a pilgrimage center. Hundreds of people visit the dirty polluted lake to bath and swim with the hope of experiencing some miracles. Family members take their sick relatives there for healing. Some testified knowing some people who were healed after bathing in the lake.

From all indications, people who come to swim in this'mystery lake' will end up going home with diseases, not cures. Nanchi and the neighbouring communities should brace up for an out break of cholera and other infections in the months ahead unless the government brings this hazardous situation under control.

Many people are coming from outside Enugu state, so the entire south east is at risk too. The sight of gullible Nigerians zealously swimming in this polluted mystery lake, not minding the filthy nature of the water, is a clear indication of the decadent state of the mind in Nigeria. Many people are ready to compromise basic health principles in their quest for miracles. And this is a strong sign of how brainwashed many Nigeria are and have become.

Poverty, ignorance and superstition have turned many ordinary Nigerians into miracle seekers. Lack of adequate health facilities has worsened the situation. Many Nigerians are easily swayed by any claim of miracle cure or faith healing in a church or in a mosque, by muslims or by christians, from mecca or Jerusalem or India. Many Nigerians hardly ask questions particularly when it comes to issues concerning faith healing and miracles.

If Nigerians are critical enough, some would surely have wondered how any sick person can be healed by swimming or bathing with the smelly stench water from Nanchi Lake? But many people across the country do not and will not ask questions. The critical faculty of many ordinary Nigerians has been corrupted by the virus of blind faith, dogma and sanctified ignorance

The fact that Enugu state authorities have so far turned a blind eye on this shameful episode and refused to intervene is a clear demonstration of the quality of governance and health administration in the country. Both Federal and State governments should take urgent measures and restrain people from going to swim and bath in Nanchi mystery lake.

They should encourage Nigerians to embrace and seek out evidence based cures. The government should educate and get Nigerians to understand that there is no evidence that Nanchi lake has healing powers, and that anyone who goes to the lake, swims, baths or drinks the 'mystery' water will end up contracting diseases, not miracle cures.

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