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09.03.2012 Tabloid News

Osumanu Adama Loses IBF Bid

By Daily Graphic
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Ghana’s Osmanu Adama yesterday failed in his bid to become the nation’s first ever world champion in the middle weight division when he lost via a unanimous decision to the Champion Daniel Geale.

The judges Dave Parris(117-111), Pawel Kardyni(115-113) and Ian Scott(118-110) all gave it to the champion

Before the fight in Hobart Adama accused Geale of being nothing but a slapper and showed his scant respect by walking out at the opening bell and throwing a left hook first up.

Geale slipped and fired back with his own.
Halfway through the round Adama, walking forward at every opportunity, fired a barrage at Geale, who covered up and then exploded from behind his guard with a series of rips and hooks that showed the fighter within.

Showing Geale little respect, Adama marched forward behind his long left jab and looked to throw the left rip and overhand right whenever Geale paused.

By the third, where Geale suffered a small cut over his left eye, Geale was showing the steel within the gentle soul, and Adama was feeling it.

Geale had taken control of the centre ring and was now stalking Adama, and the trend for the fight was set.

Now fighting on the back foot, Adama's action began to disintegrate under Geale's pressure.

He became untidy in his action, a little torn around the edges, and Geale kept driving the advantage home.

Where he goes now remains to be seen, but there is word that German WBA champion Felix Sturm is looking to unify the belts and wants to fight Geale in London.That works out nicely, given Geale has now defended twice at home and is also looking to unify the belts.

Representatives for Russian WBO champion Dimitry Pirog have also quietly sounded out Geale's promoter, Gary Shaw, eyeing a possible unifier in Moscow.

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