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16.11.2011 Business & Finance

Ghana hosts 19th AFISNET meeting

By Bernice Bessey - Ghanaian Chronicle
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Ghana has hosted the 19th satellite Network Management committee meeting of the Africa Indian Ocean Region satellite Network (AFISNET) in Accra to discuss issues that would enhance satellite network safety and efficiency in the Africa Air Space.

The three day meeting was under the theme -'enhancing Air Navigation Service delivery through Satellite Technology'.

Addressing the meeting was the Deputy Minister for Road and Transport, Hon. Dzifa Attivor, who charged the committee members to continue sharing knowledge and expertise for the maintenance and sustenance of the network.

According to her, the maintenance and sustenance of the network had made it possible for air navigation services around the clock through close of member states using their expertise and knowledge to keep the network still performing, 'by so doing air travel within our sub region has become as safe as the skies in the developed countries.'

She called on the committee to use the meeting, not only to discuss advancement of the network, but also to address equipment inefficiencies, since most of them have exhausted their lifespan.

'Even though some progress may have been made in this regard, I will still urge you to now move off the drawing board, and by 2012 begin the practical implementation of all the wonderful ideas that have been conceived and documented during past SNMCs meetings, in order to modernize the system and improve its efficiency,' she advised.

Mrs. Attivor further urged the members to train more personnel to acquire skills and knowledge in order to mange, operate and maintain the system to meet international civil aviation demands.

The Director-General of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Air Cadre K. Mamphey stated that satellite technology has been found to be the ideal solution, with numerous advantages over microwave links and other transmission system when it comes to ease of installation, infrastructure, cost and coverage.

The use of satellite technology in the provision of air navigation services, air navigation providers are able to meet demands of the airlines through improved service delivery in the primary areas of communication, navigation and surveillance, he added.

The Director- General disclosed that the GCAA has purchase a new Voice Communications Control System (VCCS) from Northrop Grumman Par Air System with a touch screen panels for ATC centre, Control Tower and Flight Information Centre.

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