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18.03.2009 Feature Article


From Kuku Hill to Osu Castle, Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu has answered his master's call to service with such lightening speed that one cannot help but appreciate his diligence.

Many negative things have been said about Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu.

Undaunted, he answered his critics with the same alacrity that makes one wonder where this man got his training from. Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu has never been apologetic but very hard hitting.

Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu has been the President's mouthpiece, saving him from answering discomforting criticisms so the President could concentrate on other pressing issues.

If all the Political Parties in Ghana had Communication Directors who would work as assiduously as Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu has been doing, the political terrain in Ghana will be very exciting.

Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu's critics forgot that he had a job to do and a mission to accomplish. And having done it perfectly well, Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu has been duly rewarded: Head of Communications at the Presidency. A justified reward indeed.

In Politics, the “fa ma Nyame” and “ehuru a ebedwo” concepts do not work, and Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu is living proof of this fact.

Indeed when Cocky Spooky Koku Anyidohu speaks, heads do roll.

Dr. K. Adom Tufuor
Author and Publisher of 'A Handbook of the Politics of Campaigning and Winning Elections. The Essential Guide to Campaigns and Elections.'

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