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12.03.2009 Editorial

Funerals In Ghana Go Hi-tech- Billboards &More…


It is really interesting to read about the fact that Ghanaian funerals are now going hi-tech. Within one week, I have read about two digital [hi-tech] platforms where funerals have really been displayed.

The first was on billboards, in one of the Ghanaian newspapers and the second about, in fact, I was very excited about that. As you maybe aware, the whole world now eats digital, drinks digital and does everything digital, therefore, Ghana going hi-tech when it comes to one of Ghana's cherished ceremony-funeral, is a laudable idea.

I must first congratulate the team behind for such an innovative idea. I took time round the website to assess the various activities there.

The website offers help in funeral planning, funeral products and services, while the bereaved can post online obituaries, videos, photos, tit-bits and more. seems to be a one-stop shop for everything funeral. I actually saw, funeral announcements, tributes, products and service, photos as well as videos on the website. They have even gone the extra mile to provide coverage for funerals which are later posted on websites. What an innovation!!!

As a business man, I was interested in the products and services page, because I rent cold vans and canopies. I got there and lo and behold, display of related products and services on the page. I immediately took the opportunity to send mine.

What also amazes me is that you send your information for FREE publication. What a Good Samaritan.

Anyway, enough about let me now move to the giant billboards I always see whenever I am climbing up the mountain and on my favourite treks to Kumasi.

The first time I saw a giant billboard announcing the death of a person was in 2002 when I joined friends to a funeral up the Kwahu Mountains. I was shocked; they were indeed in full colour prints.

Recently I saw some along the east legon road and you see, they have been erected at strategic locations announcing funeral arrangements. You won't miss these billboards, very conspicuous.

I think Ghana is really moving forward. Serious innovation. And you know what; some Ghanaians can actually make you feel their “class level” when it comes to showcasing ceremonies like funerals and wedding. The do it big and exclusive. It is even bigger when they have relatives outside Ghana.

For instance, can serve as the platform where bereaved families based outside Ghana can showcase their obituaries, videos and photos for friends to view. Other sympathizers may also see these posting even when you have not been informed about the death of a person. A great platform indeed.

I won't be surprised to see Wedding announcements also on billboards. I hear there is website for weddings. But I am yet to check.

At first I thought the internet was for Ghanaians living abroad because they want to know what is going on in Ghana, but through what I have read about these products and services on , I have realized that we in Ghana need to get online often and also know what is happening here in Ghana.

Let's get online Now!!!

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