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03.02.2009 PPP News

Nduom blames loss on inside forces

By Ghanaian Times
Nduom blames loss on inside forces

The flag-bearer of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) in the 2008 elections, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom has blamed the party's defeat in the elections on what he described as internal sabotage.

Acts of sabotage denied the party critical funds which could have been used for effective campaign to market the party's programme, he said.
It also sowed seeds of disunity within the party which undermined its sense of purpose.

In an interview with Times in Accra at the weekend, Dr Nduom said it was important for the party' to put its house in order and ensure discipline within the leadership.

"Leadership should be prepared to discipline the rank and file of the party who step beyond bounds with impunity," he said.

Another factor that affected the party's performance, he said, was because Fantes decided to vote for Prof. John Evans Atta Mills instead of him.

"Fante leaders in the Central, Western, Ashanti and Greater Accra regions called me and told me to allow my senior brother, Professor Mills, to go because he has been in the queue for a long time,' he said.

"It was not that they did not like me or the CPP, but they said Prof. Mills should be given chance while I wait and that affected our chances”.

He said these were people who did not like the NDC or the NPP, but feared to vote for the CPP because the party was not likely to win if they did so.

According to him, it was clear during the period that Ghanaians wanted an alternative to the NDC and the NPP and liked the CPP and its message and what it could offer.

In the 2012 election, he said, he would offer himself again to lead the party which he hoped would be built on a broad coalition and not just the CPP alone.

"The CPP should bring people with diverse political and social backgrounds together to offer credible alternative and if it is done effectively we will win because the people want an alternative and that is what motivates me".

On what he will do from now till the next elections, Dr Nduom said he would be a responsible opposition leader who would not only criticize but would offer credible alternatives.

He said Ghanaians would be reminded continuously of the 10-point agenda presented by his campaign team which was a supplement of the CPP manifesto.

He said the CPP will keep an open eye on President Mills, what he promised during his campaign and the NDC manifesto.

"While we wish him well, we are also waiting for him to implement his ideas as he said he will do in the first 100 days," he said.

From the nominations made so far by President Mills, Dr Nduom said, it was clear that the President was determined to implement NDC's idea and philosophy.

After the first 100 days, Dr Nduom said, the NDC should not have any excuse for Ghanaians but to work and move the economy forward adding that the decisions they take will determine which direction they will go in the next elections.