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11.11.2008 Africa

How Big Is Your Dream?

By Daily Guide
How Big Is Your Dream?

THE HISTORIC election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the only Super Power of the world, the United States of America, has rekindled the hitherto dormant dreams in all of us. In fact, the African can now feel proud again at this moment and rejoice in the day of the Lord.

Mr. Obama has demonstrated to the whole world and the African continent in particular, including the Shiabii and few bungalowbii that “you ought to dream big”.

The emergence of a new breed of Homo sapiens in the person of Mr. Obama, whose gift of oratory surpasses other forebearers on the political scene, is to tell those of us who had been dreaming 'dreams' not to rest on our ores but work hard to achieve our dreams.

God has his own plan for mankind, especially the blackman. The blackman's time would surely come; and when it did, it came in a grand style.

Many African-Americans, as they prefer to be called, had taken the path Mr. Obama took to become the president of the world's most powerful nation but did not succeed. I can say without fear of contradiction that many past and dead African-Americans could have been far better than Obama in terms of intellectual acumen and other traits. He is therefore not a trailblazer in the quest to wield power.

Unfortunately for those dead heroes and heroines, their modus operandi in pushing forward a just society where the black man would be proud to belong to the nation that prides itself as the hub of human rights, economic empowerment, opportunity for all and all the 'kominini' of human dignity, were skewed towards selfish agenda.

If you listen to such great orators like Brother Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Marcus Garvey, etc, you hear and smell bitterness and vindictiveness in their cry. They tended to blame the 'oyibo' as the cause of their 'wahala'.

Others had talked about compensation and retribution for the atrocities meted out to the blacks in the early days of 'black America'.

Fortunately for Mr. Obama, he learned a lesson as a 'student' of history that by treading the footpath of racial warfare and taking advantage of the racial discrimination going on in the so-called 'land of justice' his fight for the Oval office would be short-lived.  He therefore steered clear of that landmine and by the help of 'Mawusogbolisa', Obama is today a history maker and not history.

He demonstrated to his political opponent that no amount of 'dirty' politicking would dissuade him from marching on to the Oval Office to become the president that the world has been yearning for.

He is going to cleanse the presidency that had been besmeared with 'hatred' from 'Omasa Bin Lady', the twin brother of 'Sasabonsam' who has vowed to make the world ungovernable for the occupier of the Oval Office.

Yes, everyone dreams 'dreams' but what we make of that dream is what matters. Many people who have attained great heights in their various endeavours did not reach that height by a night's 'flight'. It was a journey of a thousand kilometers that was started some long years ago.

There are many of our youth out there who have ambitions of becoming 'somebody' someday. Their dreams could experience some jolts but if you persevere and fight on, the battle would one day be won.

Like Obama, who nurtured the dream of becoming the president of the United States and started working towards it, the youth should also consider the fact that achieving one's ambition calls for preparation, character formation, spiritual development and other transformations that are needed to attain great heights.

The task ahead of Mr. Obama is as equally daunting as the expectations from all of us, but I know that with the trust in God he would deliver.

I profess that after eight years of reign Mr. Obama would become one of the greatest presidents the US has ever had,  and may even overshadow many of the great leaders of America if he stays focused and does not allow power to 'eat' into his head.

Like the Israelites were also assured of the Promised Land by God and for a period that dream seemed to be far from being realized but eventually came to pass, it may take us years to realize our dreams but with the help of God and belief in Him, the small dream would become big. Dream well but don't dream 'konkonte', 'banku', 'fufuo' or 'tuo zaafi' dreams and think that one day, one day you too would become 'Mr. President'! Cut your dream according to your head. Good night and sweet dreams!