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Ga Mashie landing site project to commence in July

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Fishermen at James Town in Accra have pledged their support to the Landing Site Option Project and have subsequently agreed to help move squatters, who have pitched structures along the beaches, to pave way for its smooth take-off.
The project forms part of the Ministry of Fisheries' effort to improve 14 landing sites in the country. The Landing Site Project includes an ice storage, premix station, police station, day care centre and fish market.
Beneficiary communities are Sekondi in the Western Region, Teshie and Ada in the Greater Accra Region and Elmina in the Central Region.
This is to help fisher folks to mend their nets, anchor and land their catch in a safe environment.
At a meeting on Wednesday between executives of the Canoe Fishermen Association and the fisher folks who traded along the beach, they resolved that if persuasion failed, they would give the Police all the support to evict squatters who had turned the beach into places of abode where all kinds of social vices thrived.
Nii Teiko Tagoe, Director of Old Accra Conservation Development Project, said funds for the project were ready but the uncooperative attitude of the people in the area was delaying the commencement of the project.
He said the first phase of the project scheduled for July was the rehabilitation of the breakwater which served as a buffet between land and sea, diverting water into the bay.
He asked the people of Ga Mashie not to politicize the eviction of squatters but rather help ensure the smooth take-off of the project which is expected to give the area a face lift.
“This project is expected to bring development to the area and if we do not support it we (People of Ga Mashie) would be the losers.”
Nii Abeo Kyerekwanda, Chief Fisherman, said the meeting was to serve notice to squatters to move from the area before the end of June and those who refused to leave should not blame anyone when their structures were destroyed.
He said nobody would be given any temporary place to ply their trade adding that it was a taboo for people to live along the beach.
He said when the project was completed space would be allocated to the fisher folks to engage in their activities in a conducive environment.

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