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04.01.2008 Editorial

Criminals, Watch Out

By Daily Guide

BOTH THE Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Police Service have declared 2008 an action year in which to combat crime across the country.

While the armed forces are to beef up security by increasing the number of troops and military vehicles for patrol, the Police have said that they have put in place effective crime prevention and control measures to fight crime on all fronts during the year.

These are real and good assurances coming from the two security agencies. Above all, the assurances were given by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Patrick Kwarteng Acheampong and the Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen. J. B. Danquah, buttressing the seriousness the capos of the two organisations attach to crime fighting this year.

Lt. Gen. Danquah's admonition to the troops “that their collective effort and teamwork in that direction were crucial in ensuring that they were able to defend and protect the integrity and sovereignty of the motherland and provide the enabling environment for the progress and development of their beloved country throughout the ensuing year and at all times”, is highly commendable.

The IGP also stated the preparedness of the Police, giving the huge assurance that a “comprehensive security management plan, supported by series of training both locally and abroad, had been put in place by the security agencies to ensure successful CAN 2008 football tournament.”

Of course, we should applaud the security agencies for their foresight. For while strategies are being formulated to face the criminals, they will also be devising systems to outwit the military and the police, and this is one issue these two agencies should be seriously addressing. For these criminals have become very daring, knowing very well the fate that awaits them if caught.

However, with the present tenacity of the military and the police, these criminals are about to face a formidable force of determined men and women who have vowed to see to the security and peace in the country.

The security agencies could succeed in their fight against crime if we, the citizenry, co-operate with them by giving them information. This is due to the fact that these criminal elements live among us, and their nefarious actions are known to some.

Our hoteliers should also inform the police or the military about any suspicious lodger at their hotels for such a person to be nabbed before he or she commits an offence. Hoteliers should not be counting only on monies to be received from lodgers but should also be watchdogs in the fight against crime.

A lot of people, genuine or criminal, will flood our country during the CAN 2008 and the eagle eye of the hotelier should be his weapon to weed out the criminals from the genuine lodgers.

With the steps being taken by the military and the police to make this year crime-free for Ghanaians, we the populace should also be very vigilant in unmasking these criminals.

Simply said, they are not fit to be in this society and their only place, therefore, is the prison.

DAILY GUIDE salutes the hierarchy of the police and the military for the bold steps they are taking this year to maintain that serene atmosphere in the country.

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