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22.12.2007 Business & Finance

Subvented Agencies On 2008 Pay-Roll

By Daily Guide

Employees of government subvented agencies will from January next year access their salaries from the state's 'pay-roll system'.

The move is expected to help detect and check bloated list of salaried workers which is depriving the nation and the institutions concerned lots of money which would have been used for other projects.

In an interview with CITY AND BUSINESS GUIDE, the Controller and Accountant General, Christian Sottie said the initiative is to further curb and streamline the on-going fight against bloated pay lists.

“We have been able to detect that the number of salaried workers at the health sector have been growing without authorization, so there is the need o use this system.

“With this initiative, we will be able to pull the trigger and do the necessary checks and balances,” Mr. Sottie added.

Through the vigilance of his outfit, Mr. Sottie said, the Accountant General's Department detected 5,000 names that were on the pay- list of the Ministry of Health without authorization.

He mentioned that it is necessary for the pay-rolls to be checked to ascertain that the people being paid are the right recipients.By Patrick Baidoo