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About eight years ago Ghana successfully started a true democratic rule, as the previous government's term was one in disguise, after several years of military governance. The NPP national congress 1997 produced a candidate perceived to be the best among the aspirants to lead the nation. All were happy when Kuffuor and Aliu subsequently emerged as victors in the 2000 elections.

Ghanaians are witnesses to the promises that were made, whether these promises have been fulfilled or not is a question individuals will have to answer but I personally believe the NPP government, led by President Kuffuor and his Vice Aliu Mahama, if it's to be credited for any positive developments in the country, then we as Ghanaians should not forget what a great partnership Aliu Mahama has played to Kuffuor, that is if we want to think objectively and ensure fairness.
Am pretty much not sure why Kuffuor choose Aliu Mahama but my little mind prompts me that Aliu was chosen on merit and if this is so, has Aliu Mahama failed in his duties as the Vice President? I cannot presently state all the adjectives our honourable President used for his Vice when they were vying for the seat but you and I can today judge and stick our necks out, that the relationship between the pair, for the period that the NPP has been in power is one solid example, not only in Ghanaian politics but also a good example for the whole Africa and a credit for the party NPP, because we all saw what happened in the early nineties between Ex. President JJ Rawlings and his Vice Arkaa, may his soul rest in peace.
We have witnessed a true master-servant relationship between the incumbent duos-Kuffour and Aliu, which is amazing.

2008 General elections are drawing closer and a new flag bearer for the NPP is to be elected. As the usual practice in most countries in the world, out going presidents back their vice in the interest of the party and also maintain consistency in policies of the government but what we see here, total change of trends. President Kuffour as it is perceived is in support of another candidate Alan Kyeremanten who was a minister and not his second in command. Is President Kuffuor doing his party a favour or trying to pursue an agenda to satisfy and protect his interest?
My little mind once again prompts me that something fishy might be going on in the office of the President. He and his intelligent advisers are thoughtful but very apprehensive in backing back his own junior brother. After all the President knows supporting Addo Kuffuor who needs no introduction to NPP rank and file, with no 'ink' on his conduct and performance will be seen as a monastery but Alan cash the unpopular and unfamiliar agent, is his preferred choice.

NPP delegates attending the national congress this weekend should bear in mind that President Kuffuor and his friends are rocking the boat; already the party has been set into fragments and is now a laughing stalk of the opposition NDC and the outside world. Even the NDC has departed from their old ways and now accepts that consistency is the way forward.

Aliu Mahama, the Vice President has been a fantastic team player to the Ashanti royal for the past eight years and Ghanaians have seen the personality he is made of. People who have come into contact described him as the 'angel' of Ghanaian politics and heap praises on his performance, conduct and rich experience, not to make mention of the way he has served Kuffuor, NPP and the nation as a whole with diligence and humility. Discerning supporters of NPP still haven't been told why Alan cash and not Vice President Aliu Mahama as Kuffuor still remains silent. Your Excellency President Kuffuor, would you have supported Alan Kyeremanten if he was a northerner? Did Kuffuor not know Aliu's ethnic background when he needed someone reliable, a team builder, morally upright, selfless, calm and so on. The only answer to this is, Aliu is an 'ASHANTI.'
It is a shame that an excellent man like Aliu Mahama has been forced to face 16 other personalities. I must salute Aliu Mahama for remaining calm in the midst of the rumour of the President supporting Alan.

Aliu Mahama, you are really a true son of Ghana and you are the best person Ghanaians are yearning for, for you hate trouble and will never plan to destroy your opponent, you hate confusion and under your Presidency, Ghanaians will be each person's keeper.

I promise you Aliu Mahama you will never walk alone, for the Lord will surely be with you come 22 December.

Nana Kobina Adjei

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