Court issues arrest warrant for Chinese Iron woman, one other over cantonments lands

Social News Court issues arrest warrant for Chinese Iron woman, one other over cantonments lands

A High Court in Accra has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of a Chinese businesswoman and the Managing Director of DHM Constructions Limited, Weila Deng, also known as Xiaohua Deng and one Shirley Adwoa Ocran.

The two individuals said to be on the run from justice ever since a contempt application was commenced against them for forcibly entering a land located in Cantonment and masterminding the illegal demolition of the fence wall belonging to one businessman who is the Applicant.

The Chinese woman with multiple identities is known for his power and influence in the Akufo-Addo government to whom members of the ‘kitchen cabinet’ of the President twerks.

The bench warrant is the latest fallout from a tussle over some lands in Cantonments between DHM and the businessman.

The facts has it that Ms Deng was the first to drag the businessman to court over the disputed lands in a suit titled SUIT NO. LD/0506/2022), the Chinese businesswoman claimed parcels of land described as Plots No. M1, M2, M3 and M4 at Cantonment near the AU Village, were hers, asking the court to declare them as such.

She also wanted the court to issue an interlocutory injunction against the businessman. However, after interrogating the facts, the High Court refused to injunct the Defendant since it was established that he had a duly executed lease from the lands commission as well as a land certificate on the parcel of land.

Ironically, Ms Deng and her company could not produce any document or lease agreement between them and the Lands Commission. Accordingly, the High Court dismissed the injunction brought by Miss Deng against the Defendant.

Following from this, the businessman filed an application for interlocutory injunction against the Plaintiffs (DHM Constructions and Madam Shirley Adwoa Ocran ) for an order restraining them from interfering with Plots M1 & M2 and caused same to be served on them.

However, before the said injunction application could be moved and same determined by the court, Ms Deng and Madam Adwoa Ocran invaded Plots No. M1 & M2 and demolished a fence wall constructed by the businessman thereby bringing the administration of justice into disrepute.

According to the businessman’s application, this is not the first time Ms Deng and her Surrogates have taken the law into their own hands in regard to the lands, “sometime in the year 2022, the Chinese businesswoman in the company of several land guards and thugs of Chinese origin invaded the disputed land that is, M1, M2, M3 and M4 in Rambo style with heavy machinery in the form of bulldozers, demolished the fence wall constructed around M1 and M2 as well as the two-bedroom structure thereon.”

He says he made a report of the treacherous and illegal activities of the Plaintiffs and their Chinese representatives to the Property Fraud Unit of the Ghana Police Headquarters, Accra and that the matter is still under investigations at the Police Headquarters.

“After overcoming several resistance and oppositions from the Plaintiffs and their land guards, the Applicant reconstructed the fence wall and structure for the caretaker to continue dwelling on the land in my absence. It is this wall that has been pulled down again by Miss Deng.

“The Applicant contends that the acts of the Respondents are orchestrated to obstruct and interfere with the orderly administration of justice, to impair the dignity and respect for the court’s authority.”