‘Govt work’ mentality affecting productivity in Ghana – Prof Adei

  Sun, 14 Apr 2024
Headlines Govt work mentality affecting productivity in Ghana – Prof Adei

Economist Professor Stephen Adei has expressed concern over the ‘government work’ mentality, which he believes hinders productivity in Ghana, including the private sector.

He attributes this mentality as one of the most detrimental remnants of colonialism in the country.

Prof Adei emphasised that this mentality has a significant impact on the private sector as people are not only productively low, but they are also there for sabotage.

“I think one of the worst legacies of colonialism in Ghana in particular is ‘aban dwuma’ mentality, government work. It is still there, and the private sector people sometimes are at the point of weeping in the sense that not only is productivity low, but the people really sabotage,” the former Rector for GIMPA said in an interview with GHONE TV.

He added “Most of them steal and it is becoming a norm that even Ghanaians not only the Indians and other things, but now certain positions also employ foreigners from Philippines, India and put them in strategic positions,” he said.