08.06.2023 ECOWAS

Virtual Consultation Meeting With National CDP Committees

Virtual Consultation Meeting With National CDP Committees
08.06.2023 LISTEN

The ECOWAS Commission held a virtual meeting on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, with the National Committees of the Community Development Program (NC-CDP).

The main objective of the meeting was to revitalize the activities of the CDP with the NC-CDP. It provided an opportunity to review the implementation of the CDP within the ECOWAS Commission, present the Terms of Reference for the CDP review, and discuss the projects for establishing a database and developing a long-term impact analysis model for development agendas. It also served as a platform to remind the CN-CDP of their role and the modalities for utilizing the financial support from ECOWAS.

Dr. Zonon, the Coordinator of the CDP, delivered the opening remarks on behalf of the Vice President of the Commission, welcoming the representatives of the Member States.

As a reminder, the CDP was adopted in 2014 during the 45th Ordinary Session of the EGA in Accra, Ghana, with 230 projects from all major development areas, totaling a cost of 49 billion US dollars. It was designed as the region's flagship program for achieving the Vision 2020. It serves as a comprehensive and coherent framework for regional development, like the national development programs at the Member State level.

Since 2014, the main activities of the CDP include project preparation in collaboration with the relevant project departments, project promotion, and the organization of an investment forum for project financing. Although resource mobilization for CDP financing has faced challenges, notable progress has been made in the projects.

However, the adoption of the Vision 2050 in 2021 requires the revision of the CDP to align it with the region's new directions. The meeting discussed the CDP revision process and its roadmap. It also made recommendations, including alternative options for resource mobilization, increased involvement of the NC-CDP in the revision process, and coordination of resource mobilization activities with UEMOA to avoid duplication of efforts.

The ECOWAS Commission remains committed to supporting coordination activities with the National Committees of the Community Development Program (NC-CDP) and encourages Member States and all stakeholders to work together to achieve the objectives of the CDP and contribute to the acceleration of regional integration and sustainable development in West Africa.