‘The kiss of life' – Lifesaving kiss revives electrocuted coworker in 1967 accident

The kiss of life' – Lifesaving kiss revives electrocuted coworker in 1967 accident

In a stunning life-saving moment caught on camera, a utility lineman revived his partner after a near-fatal electric shock in 1967.

Randall Champion, a lineman conducting routine maintenance in Rochester, New York, accidentally made contact with a low-voltage power line, stopping his heart, “Historic Vids” detailed in a tweet on Sunday, May 28.

As Champion dangled from his safety harness unconscious, his partner J.D. Thompson leapt into action, climbing up and administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

"I saw this man hanging down. Oh my God. I didn't know what to do," the tweet quoted as saying an eyewitness Rocco Morabito, a press photographer who captured the dramatic rescue in a series of photos. "I quickly took a picture. J.D. Thompson was running toward the pole."

Thompson breathed into Champion's lungs as a faint pulse returned.

After lowering Champion to the ground, Thompson and other workers performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Champion was moderately revived and eventually made a full recovery, living another 35 years.

"I passed these men working and went on to my assignment," Morabito said, adding, "I took eight pictures at the strike. I thought I'd go back and see if I could find another picture. Then I heard Thompson shouting down: 'He's breathing!'"

The iconic photo of Thompson saving Champion with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as Champion dangled limply in his harness became known as "The Kiss of Life."

Champion reportedly survived the incident and lived until 2002, 35 years after at age 64, while Thompson, the rescuer, is still alive today.

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