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09.01.2006 Feature Article

Where is the positive change?

Where is the positive change?
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The NPP government has been in control for five years,and their performance fluctuates, it has seen some ups and downs. The NDC's long years in power witnessed some turbulent moments,although there were also some good moments.

Like many young Ghanaians, I was born and grew up into the PNDC/NDC era,and all I knew was JJ Rawlings and his comrades. And like many Ghanaians,we were frazzled of the nearly 20 years of their rule,and together,we resolved for a change.That was why the then opposition NPP's slogan ' Positive Change'was well received. The thirst for a change was so intense that,after the first round of voting in 2000,all the opposition parties amalgamated into one unit in support of the NPP to unseat the NDC. And then we gave them the nod for a second term because we thought the 'Positive Change' was gaining grounds.

Five years down the road, and the Government has fared well,but there have been some shortcomings,whether you like it or not, and it is most unfortunate that the government does not abide by the 'POSITIVE CHANGE' resolution. Accuse the government of any wrongdoing,and they're quick to refer to the NDC era,and then compare. If they're querried on why they should import more cars for government officials, they say, "But the NDC purchased more cars during their time."

When quizzed about the increasing corruption charges in the Auditor-General's office, in the SFO,embezzlement of HIPC funds by Auditors, allegations of kickbacks and renovation of old presidential villas, Kwabena Agyepong or Dan Botwe would say, "During the NDC time, corruption was uncontrollable, Ministers illegally stashed money in their accounts,and kickbacks were prevalent before the NPP."

And when you wonder why a Member of Parliament should be nabbed for trafficking cocaine,some government sympathisers go like, "Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings use to hide banned substances in her head gear during her usual trips." Even if she did,I don't remember hearing her ever being questioned by authorities for banned substances. I'm not holding brief for the NDC,Yes,they did some wrongs ' but should the NPP also commit such wrongs? If they will always refer back to the NDC era and then compare,then the 'Positive Change' theory would be meaningless. Like every government in the world,they face some problems.

Even George Bush and his Republicans have problems.

The NPP government can always render explanations for various accusations,but it will be wrong to refer and compare to the NDC government and then justify their actions. A 'Positive Change' should definitely be positive. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage. ARNOLD ASAMOAH-BAIDOO,[email protected]

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