Akufo Addo Could Stand Trial Before The International Criminal Court In The Hague

Feature Article Akufo Addo Could Stand Trial Before The International Criminal Court In The Hague
AUG 13, 2022 LISTEN

The Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo Addo, may become the first head of state to be detained and brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague because he intends to rig the elections once more in 2024 so that his party can remain in power, despite his incompetence, which has brought chronic hardships to the ordinary Ghanaians. This is a risky plan that can spark rioting and result in casualties because Ghana is gradually descending into anarchy under this government.

Many African leaders have not drawn any lessons from the Rwandan genocide three decades later, to stop future atrocities against humanity. Armed wars, political unrest, and human rights abuses persisted throughout the African continent. Even though Ghana is viewed as a peaceful nation, if caution is not exercised, political avarice on the part of the country's current president, Nana Akufo Addo, might ignite unrest if the NPP repeats election rigging in 2024 due to the country's existing intolerable sufferings.


President Nana Akufo Addo may become the first leader from Ghana to be arrested and taken before the International Criminal Court in The Hague if his plans to rig the elections once more in 2024, end in political violence and fatalities.

This is because the president was utterly defeated in the 2020 election. The average Ghanaian is not prepared to endure such hardships once more. The ICC should pay close attention to the political developments under the NPP administration.

In contrast to previous Ghanaian presidents, Nana Akufo Addo's administration has been characterized by violence that has resulted in the deaths of innocent people, with absolutely nothing done to ensure that those responsible are brought before the law. Without a word being spoken about Ahmed Hussein-Suale's death, the Ghanaian journalist was brutally murdered while working and the perpetrators are still at large.

Other factors that have contributed to the political unrest in African nations are the refusal of presidents to resign after losing elections and the rigging of elections to maintain power. Since Akufo Addo enjoys impunity by appointing corrupt judges who rule in his favor, combating crimes in Ghana under his administration, has turned into a Herculean endeavor with no hope of success.

Ghanaians are known for their lack of bloodshed and violent acts, which is one of the reasons why they have shown the rest of the world that, in the eyes of God or Allah, coexisting peacefully as Muslims or Christians is required to experience brotherly love. However, there shouldn't be any place for repetition in light of bad political developments for the NPP administration that resulted in the manipulation of the 2020 elections.

Unfortunately, that isn't Nana Akufo Addo's plan. The president is aware that the majority of Ghanaians, including some NPP politicians and fans, are upset with him, but he doesn't want to reshuffle his cabinet or fire his relative, the finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, who together have embezzled billions from Ghana's coffers to an unidentified destination. Because accounts are owned by families of Ghanaian politicians, it is difficult to track down money stolen from Ghana.

Whether or not what they observe is accurate, some pastors in Ghana refer to it as prophecy. Although I am not a prophet, I have been able to accurately describe events that occurred before the NPP government, based on my study and judgment of political developments in the nation. I shall keep cautioning Ghanaians that Akufo Addo's nefarious schemes, which disregard the plight of the suffering masses, have the potential to spark political unrest in Ghana after the 2024 elections.

As was previously mentioned, systematic and persistent grave violations of international human rights and humanitarian law have been related to conflicts in Africa. The fact that the opposition consistently loses cases before Akufo Addo's government's corrupt Supreme Court judges has made life more difficult for the already hopeless and jobless youth.

The unemployment rate in Ghana is now higher than it has ever been under any government, even though the country exports goods like gold, lumber, oil, cocoa, and diamonds. Due to persistent corruption, which entails the theft of the nation's funds into offshore accounts controlled by political relatives, the economy of the nation has collapsed and the currency has become one of the most worthless.

Despite all the protests, the Akufo Addo government disrespected the common people by bringing a sick member of parliament to implement the E-Levy, but in the end, the E-Levy failed and destroyed the livelihood of millions of Ghanaians. This is the worst of all the political crises that are currently developing in Ghana's current government.

How can a president be so callous as to subject people to such suffering when he never gave them any jobs? Akufo Addo lives in constant fear in the hopes of rigging the elections again in 2024, even though every intelligent person in Ghana is aware that such fraud can lead to political violence. The debt alone, without accountability, continues to haunt Akufo Addo, making him anxious, afraid, and out of balance.

As we all know, Akufo Addo lacks discipline and regard for human life, which is one of the reasons tribalism has taken off under his administration. If he manipulates the election once more in 2024, he doesn't give a damn about what happens to protesters or demonstrations. Akufo Addo is so confident that Mahama would always be there to cast blame on him that he doesn't care if one million Ghanaians perish for him to get what he wants.

However, when the elections are rigged and violence breaks out, things will be different for the president, since foreign groups have been keeping an eye on local political developments for a very long time. These groups are aware of both Ghana's pre-Nana Akufo Addo state of lawlessness and Ghana's post-Mahama state of lawlessness.

Akufo Addo shouldn't think that since he has dishonest attorneys at his disposal to support his theft and corruption, he can get away with any crime. Even the former American president, Donald Trump, hasn't had it easy, as FBI investigators raided his "Mar-a-Lago house" and broke into his safe while searching his estate for some important papers.

If Akufo Addo rigs the elections in 2024 and there is bloodshed that results in fatalities, he will be jailed. Several foreign institutions, such as the International Criminal Court, are aware of the Electoral Commission head's carelessness and her reluctance to take the stand as a witness to explain how she came by the rigged election results. The president can never blame Mahama for his evil schemes and greed.

You won't undervalue what I write if you're smart enough because I know what I'm talking about. Since thousands of Ghanaians and international readers have been reading my posts for a while, I am confident that they respect what I write. If your content receives more than 2,000 to 7,000 reads during this period when reading standards have decreased owing to social media, consider yourself to be unique.

With one of the worst inflation rates in Africa today, Ghana has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment. Akufo Addo never produces jobs; instead, he came to Ghana to ruin the labor of the poor with the phony E-Levy tax, and still, he wants the party that has encouraged more people to become criminals and commit suicide, to be in power in 2024. Be careful what you wish for, Akufo Addo.

Though Akufo Addo believes he is tough, he hasn't yet encountered danger. His abuse of human rights will soon come to an end. If he intends to rig the elections and the unrest results in deaths. He must be ready to appear before the International Criminal Court because they will gather all relevant evidence since crime against humanity is not a simple crime that one can escape punishment.

I have forewarned Akufo Addo; he is free to disregard this post and continue with his nefarious plans ahead of the 2024 elections. He will flee to Burkina Faso, exactly like the president of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who was equally intransigent and refused to listen to the common people who were suffering, until angry demonstrators invaded his home and forced him to flee to Thailand.