03.12.2021 Feature Article

A Quick Note To B-BOVID's Workers And Smallholder Outgrower Farmer-Stakeholders

A Quick Note To B-BOVID's Workers And Smallholder Outgrower Farmer-Stakeholders
03.12.2021 LISTEN

Dear Fellow Citizens,

What is deliberately being cast as a boardroom wrangle for positions, is in fact a watershed-moment, in the history of foreign investment into our homeland Ghana, in the era of global climate change.

Far from the impasse being a mere quarrel over positions in the board of directors of the pioneering, and widely-acclaimed B-BOVID, what is actually at stake, is whether or not we Black Africans, who are amongst parts of our biosphere being negatively impacted the most by climate change, will demand that OECD corporate good governance standards, will be the metric used to guide the distribution of earmarked amelioration green investment funds across Africa.

As discerning beings, the question we must all ponder over is: Will impact investment funds coming into Africa, be used for the benefit of value-chain smallholder farmer-stakeholders, or, will we sit idly by, and allow business as usual to go on?

Will we condone the abomination wherby such funds are allowed to be hijacked by greenwashing foreign carperbaggers (in reality ruthless corporate-raiding racists, who inveigle their way into well-run and reputable social impact agrisector value-chain enterprises, such as, B-BOVID), to grab such patient green investment funds for themselves?

We must unite across Africa, and fight hard to ensure that such impact investment funds, rather end up being used, instead, in empowering smallholder outgrower farmers, and other value-chain stakeholders, to successfully bootstrap their way out of the brutish-hellish-trsp, which endemic rural poverty, represents.

We must not allow clever and greedy outsiders from Europe, and elsewhere, to reverse into such agrisector social enterprises, by cloaking themselves initially, as impact investors, as a ruse to gain entry, into, and eventually take over, well-run and reputable African social enterprises, such as B-BOVID, to extract value, and reap where they have not sown, using unethical methods, frowned on, by all the OECD member-nations.

Wake up fellow citizens, and join the founder, and 100 percent owner, of B-BOVID, the briiliant, dynamic and generous-hearted Issa Ouedrago, to protect what is a unique agrisector social enterprise business model, successfully creating wealth and meaningful jobs, in rural Ghana, which can be used to transform rural Africa, into a paradise-on-earth, in the climate change era.


Kind regards,


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