Culture of Silence arrives in Ghana

Feature Article Culture of Silence arrives in Ghana
MAY 18, 2021 LISTEN

So, who in the Flagstaff House sent Abu Jinapor to tell the Asantehene, Otumfour Osei Tutu II not to speak his mind but to read the script before him? Was it The President, The Prime Minister or The Chief of Staff? Knowing how clever and respectful Abu Jinapor is, I know he can’t just get up and gag the almighty Asantehene. So who was behind that shameful mess?

Another thing is, was the script written at the Flagstaff House and given to Asantehene or Asantehene wrote the script but was reviewed and approved by the Flagstaff House? I think these are legitimate questions that if Ghana has a President, he should answer to the people.

If the almighty Asantehene was forced to read from a script no one knows who approved it, what about the scripts by Headteachers, Regional Directors, DCEs, Regional Ministers, communicators and the like? Do you now understand why Ghana has not moved forward since 2016?

If the almighty Otumfour was forced not to speak his mind, who is that idiot arguing there is no culture of silence in Ghana? An NPP friend told me there is no culture of silence in Ghana because I demonstrated in front of the Ghana Embassy in America. They speak like they don’t think and it cuts across the whole NPP and the government.

Otumfour stated that if the truth is not spoken but the government resorts to conferences, the fight against galamsey now will be like four years ago. Have I not said this several times, that give Akufo Addo 100 years to fight galamsey, he will still lose. They have no plan. They are just running the country one day at a time until January 2025, when they will pack and leave the Flagstaff House. I hope they will leave in peace.

Lawrence Appiah-Osei

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