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25.05.2020 South Africa

PPP Urges African Youth To Work Towards Achieving Agenda 2063

By Iddrisu Hafiz || Tamale
PPP Urges African Youth To Work Towards Achieving Agenda 2063
LISTEN MAY 25, 2020

The Progressive People's Party (PPP) has called on African Youth to work tirelessly towards achieving the objectives of the African Continental Free Trade Area by 2063 as it will bring transformation and prosperity to all its citizens.

According to a statement signed by the party's First Vice Chairman on the celebration of the African Union Day, the youth should play their monitoring role to ensure that the trade agreement achieves its goals:

"In consideration of the massive challenges facing the continent, the PPP wishes to draw the attention of the youth to their role as monitors and evaluators of the common and agreed policies and actions on Agenda 2063 to ensure it is attained as scheduled for their own benefit."

The African Continental Free Trade Area was established on 21 May 2018 but took effect on May 30 2019 as a trade agreement to ensure a continental market for goods and services, to ensure free movement of business persons and invests and established a Continental Customs Union to achieve this objective.

First Vice Chairman William Dowokpor also called on the youth in Africa take an active part in the leadership of the continent as "by operation of natural law, the current leadership of the AU as well as heads of state and government of member countries, would not be around to render any accounts for their stewardship in 2063."

The "Awake" Party also said "We expect the youth to continuously examine the execution of the plans, monitor, evaluate and offer constructive feedback as target beneficiaries."

Meanwhile, it called on African leaders to retrospect on the ways to achieve the goals of the agreement:

"On this auspicious day, we urge every African leader to stop, reflect, and evaluate the governance systems they are operating to ensure they support the attainment of Agenda 2063."

The statement also cautioned the African leaders to respect the rule of law and not entrench themselves in power:

"To that end, every African head of state who has exceeded his or her mandatory term of office but is still holding on to power constitutionally or otherwise must prepare an exit plan with immediate effect."

The PPP, however, warned governments signatory to the agreement to "...also stop the neo-colonialists moves to take over the continent through land grabbing and ownership of the factors of production in the name of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which we welcome but insist, must not disadvantage Africa in any way.

But "to take actions to remove those barriers for African goods and services."

The Progressive People's Party also bemoaned the effects of COVID-19 on industrialization on the continent as we celebrate the African Union day:

"The devastating effects of COVID-19 notwithstanding, Africa cannot afford to take its eyes off the industrialization components of the Agenda 2063. As it is the production of diverse products and services for the African market that would make AfCFTA viable. The industrialization agenda must not be lost on us."

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