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Do You Want To Acquire A Land In Ghana? Then  note

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By Ernest Amofa

A lot of people save their hard earn money to buy land only to make a mistake which sometimes cost them their life savings. In this brief article, we try to help readers understand and answer questions like

1. How do I acquire a genuine land in Ghana?
2. At what stage can I buy the land and many others?

Land is becoming expensive in Ghana and even the world in general because of its usefulness. It is something that you need to consciously plan to acquire one. In Ghana, we have various forms of land such as Government lands, Customary/stool lands, Family/private lands. Moreover, there are basically three types of law that govern land acquisition and registration in Ghana: the *Stamp Duty Act 2005(Act 689)*,* Land Registry Act, 1962* and the *Land Title Registration Act (PNDC L 152)* and *Ghana Land Commission* is responsible for land registration in Ghana.

Two things to note if you want to acquire a land.

1.Do not buy a land until you have done a Search to verify the real ownership of the property. In most cases, people buy land without conducting a search to know the real owner of the land and they later get people who present other documents to show that that same parcel of land belongs to them. NB: It is better to do a search and spend a little money and get a genuine land than to lose a huge sums of money in land acquisition and in litigation. It is a simple process by taking copies of the site plan to the Ghana Lands Commission. Although this sometimes delay, it is still better than rushing. This would show the location of the land, ownership, zoning of the land, that is, whether is for residential, industrial or commercial and other important details. There may be times where site plans presented for particular land in say, East Legon, may show a land located somewhere within say Achimota. And therefore, it is essential to do this so you can avoid situations like this. This can be done by the individual involved or a credible real estate business can help you do this faster.


2. Although the Lands Commission Search Results is very necessary, it still not sufficient especially with family/private lands and Customary/stool lands. This is the principle we call “Search after search”. There may be times where the people involved are owners of the land but may have their own internal litigation. There is the need to also do some search in the area to find out whether there is no litigation on that particular parcel of land. And this is where you need a CREDIBLE REAL ESTATE FIRM to play this critical role. When this search is done well, then you can conclude that indeed you have gotten a land to buy.

After checking all these facts then you need to start the registration process which mostly takes 6 months. It is our hope that we shall also talk about how the registration process is done in our next article. You can share your experience in land acquisition in Ghana or even from different countries by commenting. Thanks

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