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Apr 27, 2017 | Author

Making Your Narrow Lot Home Feel Bigger

We’ve all noticed the growth of narrow lot sites in Perth’s housing estates and whether we like them or not they are here to stay. narrow lot home builder have been under pressure to create more designs suitable for these lots with tiny frontages and there are now hundreds or even thousands of designs to choose from. Most builders of narrow lot homes Perth use all of the space-saving tricks of design where it is possible, in order to make use of all of the land available and the best solution to increasing the space available in a narrow lot home is to build up instead of out.

Some of the common design based solutions to making narrow lot homes feel bigger include using high or sloping ceilings and increasing the amount of natural light in the home by adding windows or skylights. Open plan living areas also help to make the home feel bigger because there are fewer doors and walls separating living areas. There is also the option of creating exterior living spaces with whatever remaining land is available to provide the feeling of spaciousness.

When living in smaller homes like apartments or units you may notice the space seems to get messy a lot quicker than if you were in a larger home, this may simply be due to the fact there is less storage room available to you. There are also a number of crafty storage solutions you can use to eliminate the clutter from your small space, and these are things you can include in your home building plans or you can create yourself in an established home.

Staircases are great for using as storage spaces; you can use both the void space underneath a staircase to fit cupboards, drawers, bookcases or even to use as a computer nook. Then there is the space in each step of the staircase which can be utilised as drawers (see pictures), just see how much stuff you can fit in these spots!

The kitchen is often a room with not enough storage space, but even if you have a seemingly small space that couldn’t fit anything in it you may be able to build or install a slide-out pantry to house all your jars and packets of food. This would also be a good addition in the laundry to keep all your cleaning products hidden from sight. By installing one of these you can free up room in a cupboard or drawer to fit in unsightly electrical goods, linen, or pots and pans. If you are preparing to build a narrow lot home, why not ask if your narrow lot home builder can include some of these ideas in your new house plans?

Failing all of these great ideas, what about using unique, quirky space-saving furniture like a dining table disguised as a pool table in your alfresco, activities or games room? Or a deskbed which converts from a small home office to bed for an unexpected guest?

Whatever storage solution you need, you can almost guarantee someone has created it and you will find it on the internet! Now you can stop worrying that you’ll never have enough room in a narrow lot home design.

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