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Mandurah Homes on the Canals

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By Patrick Fox

There is something about Mandurah homes on the canals that makes them synonymous with luxury and self-indulgence, perhaps the sheer beauty of the homes that line the waters' edge speak of wealth and opulence. Living by the water with your own personal jetty leading out to your boat so you can just jump in and go cruising through the canals taking in the scenery, what a life!

There are three suburbs of Mandurah where canals are located – Halls Head, Dudley Park and Wannanup - but despite their popularity, there are still some lots available for sale. It is likely that most of the affordable blocks have been sold and the remaining ones are quite expensive, this is almost certainly the case in Mariners Cove (Dudley Park) where they have advertised 99% of the canal lots have been sold.

Canal homes are typically designed to have the best possible views from each room or level of the home, but each canal site is unique so Perth home builders really do work for their money before the home even begins construction- there is no 'one size fits all' canal home design. Another of the challenges of design with these homes is to make the home look inviting from both the front and rear elevations of the property; this is because of the traffic from the street and also the water.

Living in a canal community must feel like living in two worlds; a fast-paced world with cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles with everyone rushing to be somewhere versus a laid-back carefree water world where boats are the vehicles, life is more relaxed and nobody is in a rush to go anywhere. All you need to do to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world is walk out your back door instead of the front door!

If you are considering buying a canal site to build on, you should speak to some local Mandurah home builders during your process of selecting a builder because you will find that many of the canal homes have been built by local building companies. Local builders will be more familiar with building in coastal conditions, what local council requirements are for these sites and the best materials to use for the home to continue looking magnificent for decades to come. Sourcing a builder locally also benefits the local community which is a good thing especially if you plan to move into the community from another suburb/town.

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