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Best Way to Convert OST to PST - Now it is Reasonable Solution

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What is OST and PST File:
OST is the acronym for Offline Storage Table. These files serve as the identical slave image file/folders which actually reside in the Exchange Server profile and works when in conjunction with the server in cached exchanged mode. The OST file contains the emails, calendars, tasks etc and works in the backend of Exchange Server. OST files can be accessed, manipulated, or updated in MS Outlook desktop client without the involved of the server. Upon synchronization, the actual OST file then updated according to the image and both the files becomes identical. PST is the acronym for Personal Storage Table. These files are actually stored on the local machine, unlike OST. PST files work as the frontend files for the MS Outlook. These files are easy to move, access and maintain while comparing to OST files. PST file contains emails, attachments etc. These files are unaware of any kind of working server or connection. These files serve a great purpose while it comes to the email backup.

Reason For the Corruption of OST File And The Bold Move, If So:

Deletion of Files: We’re always careful, but still the mistake happens and in the same manner, if by any means a file/folder gets deleted from the Exchange Server profile then there’s no surprise that the corresponding OST file is going to be corrupt. If so then, the wise move would be to convert the OST file to PST so that you can access and recover the old emails, tasks, attachments etc. Connection Drops: While working with the Exchange Server in the cached exchange mode, if the network connection drops then it also leads to the corruption of OST file. The only way you then can recover and restore your corrupt file data if you convert the OST file to a PST file. Lack of Security: Security is the major issue behind any corruption. Always try to be updated with the Antivirus and tighten your firewalls so that no virus can attack your OST file. Bad Access Time: There’s a time when the Exchange Server gets maintained. During this maintenance time if you try to access the file then there’s no surprise that your file is corrupted. Converting OST to PST then becomes the only solution if so. Unexpected Shutdown: Never turnoff your MS Outlook or the Exchange Server unexpectedly, this may change the internal structure of the OST file and then the file becomes corrupted easily.

Solution to Corruption:
Please be noted that once the file is corrupted, then there’s no way you can repair the file and then continue working with the Exchange Server. The one and possibly the best solution to this situation is by converting the OST file to PST and then access and recover the data from the OST file to PST. The best software to achieve this goal in known as SysTools OST Recovery. This tool will recover and restore all of your emails with just a few clicks to a PST file. All you need to do is download the software and then follow the on-screen instructions and convert to PST.

Features of the Software:
1. Tool to recover your deleted emails from the OST file.

2. Your original folder structure will remain as it was before, even after OST to PST conversion.

3. Select the emails that only matter to you by inbuilt search option while converting from OST to PST using the tool.

4. Apply various filters while sorting emails from a particular date range or anything else before restoring OST emails to PST.

5. You will be able to split your PST file as per the size you require from the OST file and then divide and save your small PST’s.

6. Meta data of emails will same as it was before after the conversion of OST to PST.

Install the Software:
The software is freely available to download and try. The free version will have some limited features but you will be able to explore the features of the tool and be familiar with the interface.

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