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Jan 9, 2016 | Technology

Solve Error "Unrecognized Media" & Restore Data from Inaccessible BKF File in Right Way

Backup files, known with the name of BKF files, serve to be the best source to recover your lost data. These files enable the users to recover from every type of logical or physical data losses. However, in case these BKF files get corrupted themselves, there is no other way to recover the lost data. There are many reasons which end up in corrupting the BKF files such as malicious software, viruses and bugs, operating system corruption issues, hard drive issues and many more.

What Happens When You Access Corrupted BKF File?

When a user tries to open a BKF that has been corrupted somehow, following error is encountered by the user:

“[Unrecognized Media]
The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file.”

g30ne65ddx error

Once this error appears, the data stored within the BKF file becomes inaccessible. Moreover, the same error is encountered every time the user tries to open the BKF file.

Cause: This error is a result of corruption or damage of the BKF file.

In order to prevent the occurrence of the same error to other BKF files, the users need to use Verify Data after Backup option whenever a new backup file is created. This option maintains the integrity and completeness of the BKF file.

Resolution: The users cannot access data from the BKF file once this error occurs. The data from these files can be recovered with the help of third party software. Many software are available that can help the users to restore the data from the corrupted BKF file. However, selecting the right tool can turn out to be a challenging task.

How To Solve “[Unrecognized Media] Error

In order to solve the error Unrecognized Media & restore data from inaccessible BKF file in right way, users can deploy an external tool like SysTools BKF Repair. The software is solely developed with the aim to recover data from inaccessible BKF files. It supports the recovery of data from with the help of three recovery modes-Quick, Advanced and Range based scan. The users can recover data from inaccessible BKF file created by either of the utilities-Windows NTBackup or Symantec VERITAS Backup Executable. In case, the user wants to recover only a selective amount of data from the corrupted BKF file, the user can view the files and select only those which have to be recovered. It ensure the recovery of entire data without making any changes to the original data format.

There are times when as a result of different issues the Backup files get corrupted. At such instance, the user may encounter different errors, which ultimately make the data residing in the files inaccessible. If the backup files become corrupted, appropriate third party tools should be deployed to recover the data.

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