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Nov 4, 2013 | Business

What Can We Do with Organic Fertilizer Dryer Machine?

Organic fertilizer dryer also is named chicken manure dryer, poultry manure dryer. Organic fertilizer mainly is made of animal manure such as chicken manure.

1- Usually we can dry the wet manure by organic fertilizer dryer directly, and make the organic fertilizer. If there is some rice husk or dust mixed with the manure, it is ok for the organic fertilizer. So you can add some rice husk and sawdust into the wet manure, but please kindly note that please do not add too much.

Usually people can mix the manure with some rice husk, sawdust, plant ash, etc.

2- The approximate area for the equipments of chicken manure dryer system is about 126 square meter (1357 square feet ) , the length is about 18 meters, the width is about 7 meters.

3- Every day we need to dry 12 tons wet manure and can get about 5.5 tons dried manure per day. Thus, one month we can get about 165 tons dried manure. The storage room of the chicken manure dryer system for the one month dried manure is about 200 square meter(2152 square feet).

In fertilizer industry, there are two types of fertilizer granules including compound fertilizer whose main ingradient is NPK, and organic fertilizer which is mainly made up with organic matters like chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, crop straws, human waste, so on.

For compound fertilizer, the fertilizer granulator machine includes rotary drum granulator, double roller granulator.

For organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer granulator includes disc granulator, new designed organic fertilizer granulator, and also doubles roller granulator.

From the above, we can see double roller granulator has multifunction. So it becomes a popular and common used fertilizer granlator

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