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December 16, 2010 | Business



Ghasna is trying to control the sale of secondahand clothing. Specifically, it is trying to control the sale of underwear. Thsi is a very touchy issue. Wearing secondhand clothing is not something that many people would contenance. But economic hardships make it impossible for people to buy new.

It is not a secret that secondahand goods will be with us is Africa for a long time. Not only do we ned secondhand clothing, cars etc, just to look respectable, it is the livelihood for many. And that uis the catch. Ghana has put in place plans to ban secondhand underclothing. This has been tried in Kenya and Tanzania, among others, but is has proved difficult to implement.

Like many other African countries, secondhand business has affected the cotton indostry. The clothing manufacturers are the hardest hit. But balancing the ned to create jobs and revive the clothing industry, and removing the secondahand dealers will be a hard nut. Only time will tell whether it can be achieved

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quot-img-1"Not all readers become leaders but all leaders must be readers"-Harry S Truman

By: Nana Adjoa Boahemaa quot-img-1