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May 21, 2010 | Health

Are you thinking of going on a diet?


If you are contemplating going on a diet then most effective weight loss procedures you can do for yourself either before, during and after any diet plan you embark on is to do an effective colon cleanse.

Yes, we now we should have not said it, “colon” but not to mention it would be “plain wrong”. For most people the word “colon” is considered a dirty word. But, are you aware that one million US citizens die from some form of colon cancer every year and the figures are going up? And some health experts claim that your average overweight man or woman can carry up to 15-25 pounds of waste in their colons.

So! How would you like to lose15-25 pounds of rotten waist material from your body?

Our bodies are extremely robust organic machines, but regardless of how tough they are; they do have their limitations. As we consume more and more unhealthy and unnatural foods, our bodies have a harder and harder time to get rid of these toxins, that can go on lying in your intestines for many years, gradually accumulating into a toxic time bomb just waiting to explode.

Sorry to be so descriptive, it's not what I really wanted to do, but to not bring his to your attention would be immoral.

Did you know that once a toxic build up reaches a certain level we can start feel tired, lifeless – even after a good nights sleep - and hungry more regularly, these toxins can also markedly reduce our ability to absorb the vital nutrients we need from are food that are needed to sustain a health lifestyle.

If you are trying to lose some weight and a diet is being considered , a good colon cleanse will go a long way to helping you get the most out of any diet plan you select or and exercise program you undertake. Most good quality colon cleanses will rapidly raise your energy levels and will also give you a solid base for you to get some very impressive weight loss results.

So if you are a man trying to “ get rid of man breasts or a woman who wants to get get rid of love handles fast, and a diet is currently being considered then always start with a colon cleanse.

However, when selecting a colon cleaning formula, it's best to find a one that is easy and gentle on your stomach, but can still produce enough internal activity to have an effect. Sadly, most colon cleanses that are sold over the counter are generally no more than a high fibre powder , while others can be formulated so strong they can cause you to spend long periods on the toilet . So before you do purchase any colon cleaning formula it is always worth while check the ingredients, and if you are not sure then always refer to an expert for some help or assistance.

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