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30.10.2008 Political

Of The No.3, Antoa Nyamaa And Trinity!!!

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The other time, I wrote in this column that since Mr. Kufuor held the reins of power in this country called Ghana, God pitched His tent here and has since stayed put.  I don't look into the crystal ball neither do I believe in horoscope.

I dwell in the firmament and as such I always have a bird's eye-view of the universe.  Remember I, Angel Gabriel foretold the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and even mentioned his name before he was born.

Indeed, it was your Angel Gabriel, the senior messenger of God, who foretold the birth of John the Baptist and when Zachariah the father challenged me, he was made dumb till after the birth of John.  Will you challenge me when I prophesize? 

Say NO, because if you dare say YES, you know what will happen to you (sic!).  So in my moment of tranquility, the Lord of Host appeared to me in a dream and said, “Behold, the results of the 2008 general elections are written on the wall.  Read it to mankind and let them pay heed, for I, the Lord thy God is the one who crowns a king”.

Now it came to pass in the 8th year of the rule of King Kufuor, in the 10th month and the 21st day of that same month that the Lord said unto me, Son of Man stand up upon thy feet and I will speak unto thee.  And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying:  “Son of Man, set thy face toward the mountains of Ghana and prophesize to them.

And it came to pass in those self same days that the political parties of God's own country went to ballot for positions on the ballot papers to be used on 7th December 2008.  And the party that believes in a deity called Antoa Nyamaa picked No. 3.  Then the leadership of that party shouted:  Trinity, Trinity, Trinity!!!  And heaven frowned.  What an abomination and insult to the sovereign God of Israel!

On a more serious note, my cherished reader, permit me to make a few analyses on TRINITY. I know God Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost is trinity by the Christian concept.  If being the third on a ballot paper means trinity to the NDC then I am beginning to have another understanding of trinity. 

Oh, yes, Atta Mills lost in the first round of election 2000 and lost the second time in the presidential run-off.  When he lost the third time in the 2004 presidential election, that could be termed as trinity.

The first Vice President of Ghana, De Graft Johnson was from the Central Region, the second, Ekow Nkensen Arkaah was also from the Central Region and the third, being Professor Mills, is also from the Central Region.  And so, that could also mean trinity. 

John Rawlings, John Mills and John Mahama are all from the same political party, NDC, and that too could be termed as yet another trinity.  In 2000, Mills chose a northerner, Mr. Martin Amidu as his running mate and he lost. 

In 2004, the good old professor chose another northerner, Lawyer Mumuni as his running mate and lost again.  If today he has chosen another northerner for the third time to become his running mate, that could also be termed as trinity because he will lose again.  (I beg oo! My mouth no bi gun!)   And so, now that Fiifi Mills has taken the third position on the ballot paper and termed it as trinity, that is perfectly true.  But that trinity can only be found in the manifesto of the National Democratic Congress, not in the Holy Bible.

But come to think of this:  how can the worshippers of Antoa Nyamaa dabble with the Holy Trinity?  That is my beef. Rawlings, a Catholic and the founder of the NDC has never hidden his admiration of Antoa Nyamaa and the Ashanti Regional chairman of the NDC, Mr. Daniel Ohene Agyekum has told the whole world that he worships Antoa Nyamaa.  So why do they worry the Holy Trinity? 

If a whole Daniel, who once defied mighty Nebuchadnezzar  and survived after being thrown into the lions' den now forsakes God and worships Antoa Nyamaa, what do we, mortal beings have to say?

As for this John Rawlings, one can not tell whether he is the Baptist, the Disciple, the writer of the Revelation or John Nyamaa.  All what we know is that, unlike the three Johns we have in the Bible, he has the blood of innocent persons smeared all over his white body.  Did I hear that John Rawlings has invited the President to Antoa Nyamaa? 

Is Dogbese Lisa, the mighty Anglo deity where Rawlings went to swallow a live frog no more? Probably his wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang who is an Ashanti has been able to convince Rawlings that Nana Antoa Nyamaa is the mightiest among all the deities in this country.

When sometime ago I wrote that Rawlings needed the services of an exorcist, a friend told me that I was not fair to the man.  Today, this same friend has come to tell me that I was right when he heard Rawlings once again accusing President Kufuor of being behind the murder of more than thirty women in Accra sometime ago. 

Where I come from, if one spills the blood of a human being, be it intentional or by accident, an exorcist is hired to exorcize evil spirits from the person.  We believe that if certain rituals are not performed, the person will go gaga. 

After murdering General Afrifa and co. in addition to spilling the blood of several innocent Ghanaians, Rawlings should seek the services of an exorcist.  I have a man of God here in my holy village who is good at the job.  He will invoke the name of Jesus Christ and any bad spirit inhibiting in any human being will vanish.

Remember when Cain murdered Abel, he never saw peace.  The blood of his innocent brother kept haunting him till he died.   Rawlings is not a happy man even though he has everything that should make him happy.  I understand him very well because he fears his own shadow. 

The children of the men and women he murdered have grown and the fear is that one of them may pay him back in his own coin sooner or later.  When he was the Head of State, he had all the security capos under his command. 

If he knew then that fifteen out of the nineteen cabinet ministers under the Kufuor administration were involved in the murder of the women as he continues to claim, why did he not cause their arrest?  The man is simply lying to cover his shame and only sick brains will take him seriously.  Abodam!!!


By Daily Guide - Eric Bawah

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