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28.02.2006 General News

Democratic Freedom Party is here

By Chronicle
Democratic Freedom Party is here

RELIABLE INFORMATION available to the Chronicle has confirmed the rumour of the formation of a new political party with Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah, the Former National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), as a leading member.

The new party, which goes by the name, Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), and with the motto, 'Service in Freedom', would be outdoored soon and also present candidates in the next general elections.

According Dr. Asamoah, one of the key proponents of the DFP, the party would swallow the floating votes on the basis that current political developments in the country are not healthy for the majority of Ghanaians.

He noted that the intolerant posture and intransigent attitude of both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the NDC, are not actually helping the cause of the country and people are not enthused about the situations in the country and would prefer a viable alternative to both parties.

“If you look at the way political events are unfolding to the extent that the NPP and NDC are heading towards confrontation and conflict, people are taking intolerance and intransigent attitudes.

People are threatening mayhem. People are threatening not to accept results of the elections if certain things are not met.

People in this country are not prepared to go by these threats and would be prepared to find refuge in the new party,” he told this paper.

Explaining the rationale behind the formation of the party, he said, “I think that a third force offers the country an alternative.

Those who do not want any conflict and confrontation but want peace and stability can take solace in the third force.”

According to the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General under the regime of his former party, NDC, Dr. Asamoah, who resigned in the aftermath of the Koforidua National Delegates' Congress, said Ghanaians who are opposed to power blocks, would welcome the DFP and that there are ample indications to that effect.

He asserted that though the structures with regard to means of establishing the party has reached its peak, the party has almost three more years to criss-cross the nation and ensure that all is set towards the next elections.

Responding to whether the new party is likely to form the next government, he said, “The party would be a force to reckon with but as to forming the next government, the masses would decide at the polls.”

Pushed further about the level reached so far, as far as consultations are concerned, Dr. Asamoah, who pointed out that he shared the ideas of the new party and refused to mention other names behind the move, said when the DFP is about to cross the river, the names would be mentioned.

He disclosed, “We have gone so far as each day follows.

We do not believe in outdooring a political party until such a time that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the registration of the party, which we have done.”

“We are almost through with our discussions. After all, the Electoral Commission requires the interim executives, which consists of the leader or chairman, the secretary, treasurer, ten people from the ten regions and founding founders. And as I speak with you now, we are at the peak of the process and we would soon outdoor it,” he intimated, adding that the first part of the constitution of the DFP has been drafted.

He emphasized that until the EC's requirements of providing the names of founding members, officers of the party and district officers are complete, “we are not likely to outdoor the party”.

When this paper suggested to him that his mission of forming the new party is an attempt to cripple his former party simply because he was accused of doing little to support the flagbearer of the NDC, he responded in negative.

“It was not true. I was virtually thrown out of the party. It was quite clear to me that my continuous stay with the NDC would endanger my life.”

Responding to a question as to whether he would have resigned from the party if he had won the chairmanship of the party, the veteran politician responded in the affirmative.

“If I had won the elections using the horse whip, I would have stayed away. It was not a matter of winning or losing the elections.

The issues are the practices and the developments at the congress. I was sorry that people could go to that extent. It seems to me that it was a very regrettable development,” he submitted.