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So, It Happened Just Like That!

So, It Happened Just Like That!
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Essien pushed away his chair, left the pineapple juice half-finished and charged out of the house to join his loyal friends who were already at the party. The brawny, sturdily built, tough-chested and aggressive looking were chanting songs of joy as they sung along some hot tunes from their favourite artistes.

It was time to make merry after all the four years of tedious university education. A handful of the throng held tightly to red-plastic cups together with their loved ones with sweat dripping down their bodies.

As the sound at the party became louder, Essien wasn’t listening.

His gaze was fixed on the large number of people dancing hysterically at the party hoping he could set eyes on his 3 friends-Captain, Ices, and Wicked-Zero.

While lovers jumped in excitement to the good music that was being played, Essien walked lazily through the crowd apparently forgetting that he is at a party and not at the comfort of his room. He was still trying hard to resolve the previous episode of events that happened between him and his friends.

After every attempt to find his friends proved futile, the reality dawned on him that perhaps he should do this alone. Is it not said that “the hunter who loads the gun is best qualified to unload it?”. With this , he motivated himself and meandered his way to where he left Emelia all alone by herself . “With or without their help, i gat this”, he told himself as drops of sweat momentarily gathered beneath his nose. Emelia and Essien have been friends for almost four years now.

And he knew this was the perfect time to tell her about his thoughts and feelings . But it was a mixed -feeling. Finally, he arrived at the table where Emelia was comfortably sitted. Her facial expression showed that she was bored for being left to sit alone all this while.

He pulled the chair in an abrupt and undignified manner and sat next to Emelia; the lady he had been admiring for years.The long hot weather had paved way to cloud-shadows , and breezes blowing from the sea. Emelia’s gold- studded and sparkling dress revealed her succulent dark skin tone in all its lustre and beauty.

Her face and manner, on the evening as she and Essien looked at each other, was more than enough to inform Essien that she was expecting him to say something nice to her..” It was quite useless, however, to ask her what was on her mind”, he thought. Essien could only conjecture, while she touched him on both hands, that Emelia had come to the party to make sure of meeting him that night.

With such assurance , he was emboldened, knowing very well that it was the right time to let those words he has meant to tell emelia ever since their years of friendship fall from his lips like pips falling from cherries. The silence between the two amidst the loud sound was simply admirable.

Essien’s face had become earnest; with his hands trembling as he reached for her hands. with a shaky voice and looking intently into her eyes, he said, ” E….m-elia, i ……”

Suddenly, the buzzing sound of her phone broke the serenity and silence surrounding them . The vibration of the her phone brought everything to a halt .

Emelia stood to her feet and hastily picked her hand bag “errhm , Sean…” she said abruptly and with a faint smile , “I have to leave now. It’s Gifty, she has been hospitalized for a dislocated joint”. So it happened just like that for Essien and Emelia.

Written by ELVIS EFFAH.
CONTACT :0245421614

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