RE: NPP Birthday On-board Ethiopian Airlines Flight

Feature Article Mr. Gabby Otchere-Darko
Mr. Gabby Otchere-Darko

A video clip showing NPP national Chairman, Freddy Blay, John Boadu and others marking the "birthday of NPP" as one of them was overhead saying, is an indication that the people of Ghana are being taken for a ride.

There is actually no need for Gabby Otchere Darko to offer any public apology or explanation when no one has asked for it.

Gabby Otchere Darko and his cousins were recently in Georgetown, Guyana to negotiate for the shipment of 375 Ghanaian nurses to that country to improve their healthcare while the Ghana healthcare system is crying for nurses.

What a contradiction?
What happened on that Ethiopian Airlines flight was actually not meant for public consumption, but it went viral notwithstanding.

There was no NDC member among the NPP gurus.
The fact that the event was recorded and circulated point to a fact that all is not well within the NPP.

Different categories of people board flights each day for different destinations and for different purposes. Passengers do not go round shouting their birthdays when on board flights.

Neither do air hostesses on board flights request for birthdays of passengers for them to be given special treats.

There is no doubt that this show of opulence was carefully orchestrated and executed to spite the suffering masses.

This is the mindset of people who have been elected and given the power to rule the nation.

Today, there is so much agony in the nation.
There is so much disappointment in the faces of Ghanaians wherever they go.

There is insecurity in the nation. Kidnapping is the order of the day.

Armed robbery is on the increase.
Unemployment is in record levels. Cost of living is unbearable.

NPP has borrowed over Ghc80 billion to add to the national debt sock within a matter of two and a half years in power, but there is nothing tangible to show.

There is total mismanagement of the nation's resources by the NPP.

A situation like this should set the NPP government to think about how best to put the economy on an even keel to save Ghanaians from this unnecessary hardship, but not to engage in frivolity.

The least they could think of at this point in time is to organize a birthday party on board the spacious first class compartment of the Ethiopian Airlines flight.

This could just be the tip of the iceberg.
Many more such acts of insensitivity are taking place at the blind side of Ghanaians each blessed day.

Ghana must wake up.
NPP has proved to be a wrong choice for Ghana.
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