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06.04.2019 Opinion

Anger Management: A hallmark of a good leader.

By Abdurahman Jalloh
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Abraham Lincoln was an American politician and a statesman. He served as the 16th President of the United States of America from 1861 until his assassination in 1865. He was an influential president who received lot of criticism from even his workmates, his political rivals, and sadly, by some of his close friends.

One of his fiercest and ferocious critics then was a man by the name of Stanton. Even though Mr. Lincoln was a brilliant, a hardworking, and a charismatic President, Mr. Stanton still used to term him as a fool and dull person who understands nothing about leadership. Like anyone, it hurts so much to be denigrated and criticized for what we do at all times, wherein we know that our intentions are good and clear and are of beneficiary to our people.

Fast-forward, Mr. Lincoln was once approached and asked by an interviewer to express what he thinks about Mr. Stanton- the guy who always condemns and opposes him and his policies of a great and a untied America. The interviewer asked, " what do you think of Mr. Stanton?" Mr. Lincoln replied, " Mr. Stanton is a good leader, straightforward, and almost always right." The interviewer was shocked and astonished by that response, so he subsequently posted a follow-up question and said, " Mr. President, Do you know that Mr. Stanton thinks that you are an ape and criticizes you as fool every chance he gets. How could you say such thing?" Mr. Lincoln smiled and intelligently replied by saying, " You didn't ask me what Mr. Stanton thought of me. You asked what I thought of Mr. Stanton."

Now, if he were a leader who never had the ability to exhaust criticism and to use it to build himself, he was going to say all sorts of things against Mr. Stanton- his critics. But instead, he used his leadership resilience to utter positive things against his counterpart. How many of us can do what Mr. Lincoln did?

Moreover, the intelligence of a man/woman cannot be measured or rated by what he says or does during the times of comfort and solace, but by how he reacts to issues during the times of torment, torture, and distress. Many of us don't have control and power over our anger during said moments. Many of us are intelligent, resilience, polite, and moderate only during the times of ease and peace.

We the aspiring and enterprising leaders of today need to borrow some of the characteristics that were exhibited by Mr. Lincoln during his days as President of the United States of America. One of the best way Mr. Lincoln vent out his anger was to write on a piece of paper. On that paper, he will write all that he intended to say to the person that he was offset with. And when his anger mood was under control, he would just read it and imagine how the person was going to feel if he were to send it. After his death, many notes were discovered in a box that he wrote all his angry notes that he never sent out.

let's us be careful about our words that we say during our angry mood; let's think of what we say to people when they offend us. We should also be careful of what we say to our friends during the time of confusion, and we should also be heedful of what we say during breakups with our relationship partners. These are moments when our mouth can be full of negative statements and invectives. We shouldn't pour them out at that moment, because if we do, they will dig a hole that will never be covered by us when that moment shall have passed.

If you are anticipating of which method to use when you are angry, you can try the one that was used by the sixteenth President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, that's by writing out your anger on a piece of paper without sending it and read it when your anger is under control.

Author: Abdurahman Jalloh is a young Liberian writer and a 2016 graduate of the J.J.Ross Memorial High School. He is a student of the University of Liberia who is currently reading Economics as his major and minoring Public Administration. He is an advocate and a strong campaigner of girls and women right education. He is a militant of the Student Unification Party. He currently serves as the Director of Secretariat of the Youth United for the Protection Of Human Dignity.

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