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Top 7 Misconceptions About Ghana

Top 7 Misconceptions About Ghana
LISTEN JUN 3, 2016

Often perceived to be the centre of the earth because it is the closest land settlement to the original centre of the earth which is located a few miles into the Atlantic ocean, Ghana is by far one of the most peaceful and well structured developing countries in Africa and the world at large.

However, many foreigners have misconceptions about us. Many tourists do not want to visit this great West African country for one negative reason or the other. The truth is, every country has it’s own unique sets of disadvantages and flaws. Jovago , Africa’s leading online hotel booking website looks at some misconceptions many foreigners have about Africa . Change the way you see Ghana now; there is beauty and peace in this country to enjoy.

1. Crime - Where in this world is there no crime? Which country is 100% safe? Where is there no violence? These are many questions to answer before tagging a country or place as filled with crime. Many people have this misconception that Ghana is full of crime and danger. That violence prevails most of the time and it is unsafe to stay here.

Although it cannot be disputed that occasionally a few disputes arrive here and there, the situation is not as bad as many people are made to believe. Crime rates keep decreasing year after year and we can only hope that it gets better and eventually evaporates entirely.

2. Bad Cuisine - If you have ever visited Ghana, you will know by now that we have some of the best meals available. With very funny names, Ghanaians have a set of meals that will blow your mind away. In ‘’jollof’’, ‘’waakye’’, ’’fufu’’ and ‘’banku’’ lie some of the very best cuisines you can ever taste. Unfortunately, because of one or two reasons many foreigners who do not appreciate the spices and some of the ingredients used to make the food, tout Ghanaian cuisine as bad. If not prepared well, it may cause stomach upsets but generally our food is not bad at all. It’s actually the very best available.

3. Lack of modern Technology - Africa itself is believed not to be very technologically advanced. Ghana therefore is mostly seen as lacking adequate modern technology in all fields. Infrastructure to properly manage these technologies are often believed to be lacking.

Many investors and companies have done a great deal in bridging the gap. A lot has been done to improve technology and make the country more mechanized which makes this misconception a fallacy. A lot still needs to be done but at this point, we can say Ghana is up to the mark with modern technologies.

4. Poverty and diseases - Probably the first thing that comes to the mind of most foreigners when Africa and Ghana is mentioned. Many people from the outside world outrightly perceive Ghana to be a poor country which is plagued by diseases. There are some really poor communities here in Ghana but Ghana is by far not a poor country considering the vast amount of developments going on as well as major technological advancements. Many Ghanaians also have access to hydroelectric power and good drinking water. Food is also not too hard to acquire these days for most people. Diseases are mainly found in remote areas where epidemics are widespread. For most parts of the country, life is better than the outside world is made to believe.

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5. Corruption - African leaders are generally perceived to be corrupt. Politicians especially are noted for living luxurious lives at the expense of their country folks. Ghana is no exception. Law enforcers are perceived to take bribes and other forms of compensation to waive off petty crimes and other criminal activities.

Bribery and corruption is resident in almost every country but its prevalence is mostly attributed to Africa and Ghana . Also because many foreigners get things done in quick fashion for them in exchange for very little amounts, they carry the notion that ‘’everything is achievable with money’’. A few leaders and law enforcers may do this and walk away with it but it is a great crime to accept bribes. Ghanaians are not corrupt.

6. Climate - The average weather condition of any place over a long period of time. Ghana is perceived to be a very hot country with warm climate. However it gets very cold sometimes. The cold is so intense that in the hilly and mountainous areas , fog and ice droppings are a common feature. For most places and most times during the year it is generally hot. What we cannot say however is that Ghana is a hot country .

7. Ghana depends on foreign aid - As with many poor countries, a lot of people and organizations from around the world tend to believe that Ghana solely relies on foreign aid. Support groups such as USAID, UN, MIDA etc have all had great impacts on the country. With support in the health, agriculture and business sectors, Ghana has benefitted tremendously from this foreign aid.

However, it will be very detrimental to attribute all the achievements to these support organizations because individuals and the government still contribute greatly to the country in many ways such as philanthropy and support. Ghana benefits greatly from these aids but we also do many things on our own. Talk of the trade of Gold, cocoa and other minerals and foodstuff and it is clear how we have come a long way and can do things by ourselves.

It is time to change all the negativity and fill your mind and heart with the greatness and beauty that Ghana possesses. As a country, we can do more to help people jump out of these schools of thought. We have come a long way and we still keep rising. Change the mind of someone today!

Africa is great. Ghana is amazing!!!
Credit: Jovago

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