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30.08.2013 Feature Article

A Message From The Supreme Verdict: I Am That I Am!!!

A Message From The Supreme Verdict: I Am That I Am!!!
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In the mist of unflinching anxiety over the legitimacy of a contested presidential mandate in the Supreme Court of Ghana; in the pregnancy of uncertainty over the deciding voice of the nine wise men; in the rumors of war and negative predictions of a possible political genocide: a nation seemed to forget that the voice of God Almighty is the supreme verdict.

Ghana has, over the last few months, gone through a hell of legal scrutiny of its electoral system. Many were those who were not, in one way or the other, satisfied with the outcome of the 2012 presidential elections. They thus registered their dissatisfaction in many ways; including the famous Supreme Court presidential petition brought before it by three of such disgruntled citizens. Tensions were high as expectations grew old on daily bases. A lot of confidence was reposed on the nine wise men to administer justice. To many, justice meant pronouncing their favorite candidate as winner of the 2012 presidential elections. To others, what is written is written.

Last year, on the 24th of July, Ghana painfully lost an ally. An ally whom integrity was not dissented. An ally whose fall was like poison with a mention of a call no one could reply. Ghana lost a humble, dedicated, loyal and patriotic sitting president. May the gentle soul of his Excellency the late president Mills continue to rest in Perfect Peace! Many were shocked as ambitions become frost, in the mind of the ghost and, in tears as many an orphan cried. In the sorrows of darkness, in the tears of grief, in the obscures of hopelessness, in the storms of confusion; God the all-knowing, the king of kings, the one who divinely ordains kings, out of his unlimited wisdom, peacefully ordained another ally for Ghana through an uncontested transition. During the run up to the presidential and parliamentary elections, the NDC unanimously and unambiguously reaffirmed God's only divined choice through an uncontested endorsement of the candidature of President John Mahama in the 2012 presidential elections. Many were the prophets of doom and soothsayers of bad fate against, what is now confirmed as, God's anointed choice. Yet, on that holy Sunday, the 9th of December, 2012, he was declared the 4th John of the 4th republic to be elected president through the ballot.

Early this year, on 7th January, 2013, the inauguration of President John Mahama witnessed an unprecedented but unfortunate parliamentary boycott in protest of what they referred to as 'stolen mandate'. A lot of disturbances in the name of demonstrations followed. The main opposition NPP constantly referred to the sitting president as a care taker, unrecognized, unelected, and to some extent, a thief by its main stream unguided party faithful. A protracted electoral petition wasted the precious but scarce resources of the people of Ghana.

Just yesterday, the 29th of August, 2013, the much awaited fate determining supreme verdict was passed after months of legal scrutiny of the presidential electoral petition and its affidavit sworn to by Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia, running mate to the NPP's 2012 presidential candidate. Justice William Atuguba, presiding judge of the presidential electoral petition in summary said 'in the circumstances, the overall effect is that the first respondent was validly elected and the petition is therefore dismissed and all judgment are thereby forwarded to the registrar of this court'.

The saying that 'who God blesses no one curses' is not just a mere rhetoric. In the mist of threats and statements of hatred, God all-knowing inspired the nine-member panel of judges with nobility, boldness and unyielding faith in the truth, in confirming HIS anointed choice. In exodus 3:14 God almighty answered Moses and said: I am that I am. God did not say I am that I was. Biblical interpretations of this short but significant statement tell a lot about the sovereign and everlasting God. The supreme among them is that God changes not. In Matthew 24:35, God reiterated this attribute in a different wording; heaven and earth shall pass but my words shall not pass away (KJV). It was therefore not surprising when the judges, once again, confirmed the mystery behind the letter 'J'!

And so, who the cap fit, let him wear it because when God says yes, who can say no? He who fancies the juiciest fruit of a lone tree must learn how to climb to the part many can not go.

Script by: Dabaga James
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