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29.08.2013 Feature Article

What Next After Supreme Verdict?

What Next After Supreme Verdict?
LISTEN AUG 29, 2013

We say Kudos to the managerial efforts of the Better Ghana Team. It is worth mentioning that their economic foresights yielded this much results of a resilient and a formidable economy.

We remain resolute and committed throwing our support behind any team that is loyal in conduct, and purposeful in character, in advancing the Better Ghana Agenda, initiated by His Excellency Former President Mills. May his gentle soul continue to Rest in Perfect Peace!

There is no iota or scintilla of doubts that soon and very soon this government will start rolling out its campaign promises including the 200 community senior high schools that it promised thoughtful people of Ghana. Already, reconstruction works at the Kwame Nkrumah circle, in Accra, have started and the committee for implementing the president's priority projects was commissioned in earnest early this year.

Verily, verily, let us remember that there is no such ruler-ship without challenges and that Ghana can only get there depending on how much we love, trust and unite behind our leaders. There is absolutely nothing we can achieve by painting mother Ghana black in bedeviling our leaders; but there is a lot we can lose by exhibiting such ignorant and inimical characters.

Ghana needs leadership, Ghana needs you, Ghana needs me, Ghana needs us; our leaders need our inspiration as motivation, our leaders need our unity as strength, our leaders need our trust as humility in fortitude. In the winters of challenges, in the slippery of odds, in the dusk of confusing; our leaders need our zeal as steal.

Our partisan and unfair criticism of our leaders only promotes political schism instead of nationalism. Our unfair criticism of our leaders only promotes political polarity instead of unity in diversity. As youth of this country, let us for once remove the wooden political lenses, hanged on our eyes by the shackles and manacles of ignorance, and see clearly what our leaders are able to do. Let us clear the propagandist cobwebs from our eyes and see clearly what the irresponsible statements towards our leaders portend for the future of this country. We will see a mother of youthful exuberance on her kneels with no hopes of getting up. We will see a mother of many, yet a barren in need.

So, what next after the Supreme Court verdict? A time has come for the youth of Ghana to hold in high esteem the blood and toll of our forefathers. A time has come for the youth of Ghana to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana. A time has come for the youth of Ghana to unite peacefully behind its leaders for a robust economy. A time has come when a nation calls for duty. Youth of Ghana, let us respond with unison, brotherhood and solidarity!

Let us conclude with this quote from President Barack Obamah's speech; '.that in the face of impossible odds, people who love their country can change it.'

May God bless us!
Script By: Dabaga James
KNUST, Kumasi
TEL: +233265817927
Email: [email protected]

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