Debate Innovation: Fostering African Youth dialogue and unity

By Emmanuel Yeboah || Contributor
General News Debate Innovation: Fostering African Youth dialogue and unity
NOV 20, 2023 LISTEN

October 28, 2023, marked a significant milestone in the realm of intellectual engagement among African youth with the inaugural Debate Innovation tournament.

This event, held in the Republic of Ghana, went beyond conventional debate to create a dynamic space for learning, engagement, and the evolution of ideas.

Attracting 220 students from various backgrounds, the tournament transcended traditional debate formats. Instead, it offered a dynamic platform for engagement, learning, and the evolution of thought. Participants didn't just argue their points; they exchanged insights, challenged perspectives, and grew together.

Ewurama Odei from Victory Standard International School claimed the top spot, demonstrating remarkable analytical and speaking skills. Runner-up Dzikunu Amastrong from Jireh International School also left a lasting impression with his insightful arguments. Key topics debated included Western aid's role in Africa, the use of corporal punishment in Ghanaian schools, and strategies for managing Ghana’s national debt.

Reflecting on the event, a representative from Victory Standard International School shared, "It was an exhilarating event that provided us with a new perspective on argumentation and significantly broadened our knowledge."

Maylove School added, "This initiative is commendable as it motivates the youth to aim higher."

The tournament's winner, Ewurama Odei, expressed her views on the experience: "This program is intriguing. It's a place where everyone can learn, and we all learn from each other."

A word from the Founder, Emmanuel Yeboah

"As the founder of Debate Innovation, I am excited to see this platform serve as a catalyst for change and unity across Africa. This is not just a debate; it's a movement for the future of our continent. Let's engage, learn, and evolve together.

"The success of the Debate Innovation tournament on October 28 is a testament to the power of intellectual dialogue in shaping the future leaders of Africa. It's a step towards uniting young minds across the continent through the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

"Looking ahead, the next Debate Innovation tournament promises to be even more expansive, engaging more schools and covering a wider array of topics. We welcome students, educators, and all those invested in the future of Africa to join this journey of intellectual empowerment and unity," he stated.